Chapter 4. Known issues

The following issues are known to exist in this release of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite. To see a list of known issues for BRMS 6 please see Release Notes for BRMS 6.0.


1026516 - Tomcat 7 - Invalid credentials - throws a NullPointer exception
When using the Tomcat 7 Dashbuilder Distribution, users logging in with invalid credentials receive an error page with a nullpointer exception. The expected result should be an "Invalid Credentials" error message. A possible workaround from encountering the error page with a nullpointer exception is to use basic authentication instead of form based authentication when logging in.

Business Central

1020922 - Details button in Process Definitions not working.
Within the Process Definitions perspective, the details button (magnifying glass icon) does nothing if there are so many processes in the process definitions list that they cannot be shown on a single page. The details button should bring up the details of a process in a side panel; however, nothing occurs. A current work around is to click on a corresponding row, other than the actions column, and bring up any other details page. The buttons should start working again.
1080441 - Classes from dependencies are not recognized when using remote API
When using custom Java classes (created using the data modeler or by uploading existing jars) through the remote interfaces (REST, JMS), the user must put these classes in the project itself or in a direct kjar dependency of that project to be picked up for correct (de)serialization. Classes defined in normal (non kjar) dependencies or second level dependencies are currently not picked up by the remote API and will result in (de)serialization errors.
1050894 - A deployment unit in JaxbDeploymentJobResult is wrongly marshalled into JSON
Using the REST API to create a new deployment unit causes the response to be incorrectly marshalled into a JSON object. The response cannot be unmarshalled but the deployment process will eventually happen. As a workaround, it is possible to require "application/xml" format in the Accept part of the request message header.
1026807 - Integrity constraint violation in table OrganizationalEntity using roles and users of the same name
A constraint violation occurs when a task is created for a user with the same login name as the name of one of the roles. The task and corresponding process cannot be completed. The workaround is to not use the same user name as the name of a role.
1007986 - Escalate task that has actor or group that does not exist
When creating a user task in Designer, actors and groups should be provided. However, there is no validation of these actors and groups. They just appear as a String. If the group or actor does not exist, such a task cannot be claimed and completed properly. Assigned rules can be used to configure auto-escalation as a workaround.
1007549 - View Process Instances in Definition Details shows all instances
While viewing process instances, users are able to view instances of similar names to those of the process definition currently being viewed. For example, processes named "process1" and "process1x" are both visible even if the user clicked OptionsView Process Instances for "process1" only.
1043514 - Remote REST kie client may occasionally throw NPE under high load
Remote REST KIE client may occasionally throw NullPointerException. It is a cookie problem and happens only under a high load of requests. This issue does not have an impact on BPMS functionality.
1100655 - Inter-Process communication via signals fails when current kie.policy file is enabled
Inter-process communication fails when signals and human tasks are used in Business Central. The problem stems from the kie.policy file not containing appropriate permissions. Adding the "write" permission to
permission java.util.PropertyPermission "*","read";
results in a successful task completion. If a " access denied" warning occurs, then add the following permission to the policy file:
"java.lang.reflect.ReflectPermission" "suppressAccessChecks"
988810 - BPMS should not allow to build & deploy a project, which has multiple process definitions with the same ID
Business Central currently allows users to build & deploy a project where multiple process definitions share the same process ID. However, only one of the process definitions is visible in the process definitions screen. This leads to an inconsistency as you cannot determine which process will be started. In addition, users are unable to start other processes of the same name. A proposed workaround to this issue is to provide a warning to the user to issue different process IDs for each process definition.
1020987 - Unexpected pagination behaviour
Items listed in Business Central appear on multiple pages. For example, if an item belongs on page 1, it may be on page 2 as well. So if there are 14 items in the chosen list and 10 items per page, items 1-10 will be displayed on page 1 and items 5-14 will be displayed on page 2. This is a standard behaviour of the GWT Data Grid Pager component where the user always views a whole page. This issue may be a slight inconvenience to the user, but it does not affect functionality.

jBPM Core

1036866 - session-migration: updating a process instance results in ID constraint violation.
A ConstraintViolationException error occurs when attempting to update the state of a process instance. For example, a BPM Suite 5 process executed with a safe point that is resumed in BPM Suite 6 will issue a "duplicate key value violates unique constraint" error message. This issue affects the Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.

Procedure 4.1. PostgreSQL

  1. To workaround this issue for PostgreSQL, find the ID with the biggest value in the "NodeInstanceLog" table:
    SELECT MAX(id) FROM nodeinstancelog;
  2. Restart sequence NODE_INST_LOG_ID_SEQ using the result from the biggest value in the "NodeInstanceLog" increased by 1. For example, if the biggest value in the "NodeInstanceLog" is 10, you will use the following:
    ALTER SEQUENCE node_inst_log_id_seq RESTART WITH 11;

Procedure 4.2. Oracle

  1. To workaround this issue for Oracle, find the ID with the biggest value in the "NodeInstanceLog" table:
    SELECT MAX(id) FROM nodeinstancelog;
  2. Re-create the sequence by first dropping it and then creating a new one:
  3. Increase the sequence (the result must be greater than the biggest value in the "NodeInstanceLog" table):

jBPM Designer

1105264 - Business Central gets progressively slower opening BPM diagrams
The GIT repository underlying Business Central has issues with garbage collection. Only a few git commands call
gc --auto
by default. Therefore, the repository's object database continues to grow significantly every time the business processes are opened. This affects the performance of Business Central.
1104582 - WAS: Services from service repository are not imported
A "Failed to connect to Service Repository" error message occurs when attempting to import via http protocol from the WAS service repository. The issue stems from a lack of index.html available in the root of the repository. To work around this issue, an empty index.html file needs to be created within the root of the WAS service repository.
1083259 - Designer should prepare Content and ContentType fields for data input and prefill required assignments of a REST task
Designer does not provide default values for Content and ContentType data assignments when creating a new REST task. Currently, the following data inputs and data assignments are available by default: Password, Method, Username, ReadTimeout, ConnectionTimeout, and URL. Designer is also missing all assignments for the data inputs. The user will need to add the data inputs and assignments manually if they are to be used.
1062233 - Relative vs absolute coordinates for nested nodes
Nested nodes (inside a embedded subprocess or swimlane) use coordinates relative to the top left corner of its parent (instead of the top left corner of the canvas). As a result, if you import this process in Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler, it will fail to correctly locate these nodes.
1047891 - Simulation results: Nodes in event subprocess are not marked as visited
When you run a simulation, the Simulation engine does not mark elements which run in event subprocess. This state is displayed by the path results and the Simulation results for such elements exist in the tree of graphs. A user is likely to assume that the elements in event subprocess were ignored by simulation engine when they have actually been run.
1045346 - Cannot attach boundary event to Ad-Hoc Subprocess
It is not possible to add a boundary event to an ad-hoc subprocess. An embedded subprocess can be used instead of an ad-hoc subprocess to simulate the expected behaviour.
1044613 - Connection rendering issue of Designer in IE11
While users design processes in the Business Process Designer, previous connections are still being incorrectly rendered on the canvas whenever the end docker of a sequence flow is dragged to another task. This is only an issue with Internet Explorer 11. The current work around is to use an alternative browser. In addition, incorrectly rendered connections will disappear when you switch tabs (for example, switch to the metadata tab or Simulation Results tab) or reopen designer.
1040910 - Unable to open WID editor for custom task which was imported from Service Repository
An error occurs when attempting to open a custom task from the global folder which was previously imported from a service repository. The error "unable to complete your request. The following exception occurred: null" appears within an empty WID editor.
1026965 - Designer falsely detects midair collision when only one user is working in a process
Process modeler incorrectly detects multiple users working on a process. It doesn't prevent the user from working with the process but just displays a message. This error occurs intermittently.
991374 - Unable to open BPMN2 definition which contains DataObject without name
When creating a new BPMN2 process, if the user doesn't assign a name to a DataObject unit, the project will not reopen after saving. The Designer will attempt to open the project but will never load.
1048281 - Missing file bpmn2.0jbpm.json causes that new process ends with exception
While loading new processes in Designer, an exception error occasionally occurs with the following message: " .../bpmn2.0jbpm.json". The new process cannot be opened whenever this exception happens. A workaround for this issues is to delete the process from the Project Explorer and create it again. If the problem persists, try refreshing the website (F5).
1049506 - IE 10: Simulation graphs tree does not react to any mouse event
When using the IE10 browser, the tree of simulation results does not handle a click event. Only general simulation results are seen and the detailed ones are not available. There is no known workaround at this point in time.
1049489 - IE 10: Collapsed Object Library or Properties bar grows when the user resizes Designer panel
While using IE 10, the collapsed Object Library Panel and Properties Bar Panel grow whenever the user drags a splitter or resizes a panel within Designer. Currently there is no workaround, but the initial size can be restored whenever you reopen a process.
1049372 - IE: Missing arrow for connecting object
While using IE 10, Designer does not show pointer arrows to indicate the direction for connecting objects. The source "start point" and target "end point" become somewhat confusing within the sequence flow as no arrow indicates direction.
1039012 - Instance diagram shows outdated instance state
If an instance state changes while the process instance model/diagram is open in Designer, the model/diagram is not updated. If the instance diagram is opened from an out-of-date Instance Details panel, the model/diagram is also not updated. Therefore, the process instance model/diagram is outdated and does not reflect the updates to the current instance state. A current workaround is to close and reopen the process instance model/diagram from an up-to-date Instance Details panel.
1034730 - Changing snapshot time causes snapshots being created event though no modification was made.
Changing snapshot time in Designer creates a snapshot event even if no modifications were made. After a snapshot time is set and changes are made in Designer, additional modifications to the snapshot timer are still necessary and the snapshots are not being created automatically.
1019883 - Properties bar does not show which element contains these properties.
The header properties bar contains a similar title of "None" for different elements. For example, a Start Event displays the header "Properties[None]" instead of a more accurate header. The user is unable to determine which element contains these properties based on such a vague identifier.
1006953 - After editing a property, clicking properties header discards changes.
If you happen to click a header in the properties tab that makes the list collapse or expand, the editor line will disappear, and any property changes made in Designer will no longer be present.
1003908 - Non-Interrupting boundary event has invalid graphical semantics
Designer is not changing the graphical semantic of a boundary event if the attribute "CancelActivity" is changed. Changing the property "CancelActivity" in the properties bar for the boundary event should update the graphical semantics based on BPMN2 specifications; however, the graphical semantics remain the same.
1003815 - Designer fails to import a process with Data Object
Failure to import a process or importing the incorrect DataObject issues occurred while attempting to import a DataObject into Designer. This DataObject feature has been disabled since the user will not lose any functionality as they can specify process variables in a non-visual way using properties.
1002168 - Importing a BPMN2 definition without attribute "drools:packageName" has different effect than importing a BPMN2 definition with incorrect package
The property "Package" while importing BPMN2 definitions experiences different results. If importing a definition which does not contain attribute drools:packageName, then the property "Package" is not changed. If importing a definition which contains an incorrect package, then the property "Package" is changed to PROJECTNAME.src.main,resources.PACKAGE. The property "Package" should not be able to change in both instances.
994225 - jBPM Designer generates error boundary event as non-interrupting
By default, Designer generates an error boundary event as non-interrupting. However, this type of event should always be interrupting and the user should not be given an option to change this behavior. To work around this issue, save and reopen the process definition to enable Designer to calculate the boundary events.
982981 - The task, which is connecting to subprocess but does not lie inside the subprocess task, is not attached to BPMN2 code of subprocess
While working with BPMN2 Processes, the position of the mouseUp event determines if a task is in the subprocess. However, the task's position in the subprocess should depend on the incoming sequence flow, not on the position of the mouseUp event. If the source of incoming sequence flow is in the subprocess, then the task which was moved should be part of the subprocess. For now, the node has to be dropped or moved into the subprocess fully in order to be considered a part of it.
982776 - Task owner in Swimlanes in JBoss web-designer
Currently in Designer, names assigned to swimlanes are depicted as nothing more than display names. A current proposal is for swimlanes to have an actual group function associated with them. That is, all the human tasks that are dropped into that swimlane should automatically be associated with that swimlane group. With this function, the user would have the option to move the human task from one swimlane to another.
979927 - Invalid XSD definition of BPSIM standard
BRMS and BPM Suite distribution uses jbpm-bpmn2-emfextmodel/src/main/resources/model/bpsim.xsd, which has been changed. The original specification uses type xs:QName for attribute elementRef but specification in the product uses type xs:ID for attribute elementRef. This causes validation of the BPMN2 definition with bpsim.xsd to fail. However, validation of BPMN2 definition with the original bpsim.xsd is a success.
976486 - Operation "Undo" does not cooperate with workflow patterns
While using the Undo functionality in Designer, users are unable to remove work flow patterns from the process, even if the Undo operation reaches an empty process. There is currently no workaround to this issue using the Undo function.
969324 - None Task contains some properties in Properties Bar which has no effect to BPMN2 code
Within Designer, the element None Task is the default type of tasks but it is not supported by runtime or simulation. The None Task contains all properties for all task types, but these properties do not transfer into BPMN2 code. A current workaround is for the user to select a particular element type if they want to use various properties in runtime.
969300 - Quick Shape Menu is not updated
Designer presents two options for how a user can change a task's type. The first one uses the properties bar and the second one uses Quick Shape Menu. If a user activates Quick Shape Menu and changes the property through the properties bar, then the selection in Quick Shape Menu is not updated. If a user changes task type through Quick Shape Menu, then "Task type" property in the properties bar is changed immediately. A workaround to this issue is to show the properties for the process and select the element again.
955366 - Decrease canvas size button is never shown up
In a Designer canvas window, if the user has a process open, the buttons to decrease the size of the canvas in the top and left sides of the screen never show up. The buttons to decrease the size of the canvas in the bottom and right sides do show up.
1007879 - Simulation charts cannot be seen on display with lower resolution because Simulation info panel overlaps it
Within Designer, the "Simulation Info" panel has a fixed size and it cannot be hidden. On screens with a lower resolution, the chart panel can hardly be seen. A quick workaround to this issue is to close the "Properties" and "Object library" panels as they are not typically needed when working with simulation.
1049444 - IE: Wrong Process name if you create second process
While running Designer in IE, the user must clear their cache from their previous instance or all processes will display the same process name. A simple clearing of the browser's cache fixes the process name inconsistency.