Chapter 2. Installation

This chapter guides you through the steps required to install AMQ C++ in your environment.

2.1. Prerequisites

To begin installation, use your subscription to access AMQ distribution archives and package repositories.

2.2. Installing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

AMQ C++ is distributed as a set of RPM packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Follow these steps to install them.

  1. Use the subscription-manager command to subscribe to the required package repositories.

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

    $ sudo subscription-manager repos --enable=a-mq-clients-1-for-rhel-6-server-rpms

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

    $ sudo subscription-manager repos --enable=a-mq-clients-1-for-rhel-7-server-rpms

  2. Use the yum command to install the qpid-proton-cpp-devel and qpid-proton-cpp-docs packages.

    $ sudo yum install qpid-proton-cpp-devel qpid-proton-cpp-docs

In order to compile programs using the API, you will also need to install gcc-c++, cmake, and make.

$ sudo yum install gcc-c++ cmake make

2.3. Installing on Microsoft Windows

AMQ C++ is distributed as an SDK zip archive for use with Visual Studio. Follow these steps to install it.

  1. Download the AMQ C++ Client 1.1 Windows SDK zip file from the Red Hat Customer Portal.
  2. Extract the file contents into a directory of your choosing by right-clicking on the zip file and selecting Extract All.