5.3. Broker-to-Broker Authentication


If you are deploying your brokers in a cluster configuration, and one or more of the brokers is configured to require authentication, then it is necessary to equip all of the brokers in the cluster with the appropriate credentials, so that they can all talk to each other.

Configuring the network connector

Given two brokers, Broker A and Broker B, where Broker A is configured to perform authentication, you can configure Broker B to log on to Broker A by setting the userName attribute and the password attribute in the networkConnector element, as follows:
<beans ...>
    <broker ...>
            <networkConnector name="BrokerABridge"

If Broker A is configured to connect to Broker B, Broker A's networkConnector element must also be configured with username/password credentials, even if Broker B is not configured to perform authentication. This is because Broker A's authentication plug-in checks for Broker A's username.