5.2. Other Resources

Webinars and Videos

Red Hat runs a series of webinars and makes the recordings available at Open Source SOA Webinars.
Red Hat also offers articles, reference architectures and other resources at https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/.

Third party books and articles

The books and reference materials listed here provide detailed information and instructions for designing, building, and deploying enterprise integration solutions and for using the tools that make it easier to do so. The books and reference materials in this list were authored by leading experts in this domain.
  • ActiveMQ in Action (Snyder, Bosanac, & Davies)
    Written by the ActiveMQ developers, ActiveMQ in Action is the definitive guide to understanding and working with Apache ActiveMQ.
    Starting off with explaining JMS fundamentals, it uses a running use case to quickly explain and demonstrate how to use ActiveMQ's many features and functionality to build increasingly complex and robust messaging systems.
  • Camel in Action (Ibsen & Anstey)
    Written by the Camel developers, Camel in Action is the definitive guide to understanding and working with Apache Camel.
    Tutorial-like and full of small examples, it shows how to work with the integration patterns. Starting with core concepts (sending, receiving, routing, and transforming data), it then shows the entire life cycle—diving into testing, dealing with errors, scaling, deploying, and monitoring applications.
  • Spring into Action (Craig Walls)
    Spring in Action, Third Edition, describes the latest features, tools, and practices that Spring offers Java developers. It introduces Spring's core concepts, then launches into a hands-on exploration of the framework.
    It shows how to build simple and efficient JEE applications, then goes on to describe how to handle and solve more complex integration problems, such as persistence, asynchronous messaging, creating and consuming remote services, and so on.
  • ActiveMQ is Ready for Prime Time (Rob Davies)
    This blog describes the many ways ActiveMQ has been deployed in demanding enterprise environments and provides case studies that demonstrate how ActiveMQ provides reliable connectivity not only between remote data centers, but also over unreliable transports, such as dial-up and satellite communications.
    You can read this article on Rob Davies blog.

Apache documentation

Red Hat provides mirrors of the documentation for the the Apache Software Foundation projects that form the basis of Red Hat JBoss A-MQ: