Chapter 12. Adding Client Connection Points


Message brokers must explicitly create connection points for clients. These connection points are called transport connectors. Red Hat JBoss A-MQ supports a number of transport flavors to facilitate interoperability with the widest possible array of clients.

12.1. Overview of Transport Connectors

A message broker communicates with its clients using one or more ports. These ports are managed by the broker's configuration. There are two required components to add a client connection point to a broker:
  • a transportConnector element in the XML configuration template that provides the details for the connection point
  • an entry in the broker's PID's connectors property to activate the connection point
The transportConnector element provides all of the details needed to create the connection point. This includes the type of transport being used, the host and port for the connection, and any transport properties needed. The connectors property is a space delimited list that specifies which transport connectors to activate.
Red Hat JBoss Fuse supports a number of different transport flavors. Each transport has its own set of strengths. For more information on the different transports see the Client Connectivity Guide and the Connection Reference.