Chapter 10. Securing the Apache ActiveMQ Standard Distribution


There are significant differences in how you go about securing the Apache ActiveMQ standard distribution, as compared with the main JBoss A-MQ product. This chapter explains some of those differences.

10.1. Apache ActiveMQ Standard Distribution


JBoss A-MQ provides a standard distribution of Apache ActiveMQ, which is essentially a Red Hat version of the broker developed by the Apache ActiveMQ community at Note the following points about this distribution:
  • The broker does not run in a container (neither OSGi nor Java EE). It runs directly inside a JVM.
  • The broker is launched by the bin/activemq script (extracted from the standard distribution archive).
  • The libraries included with the Red Hat version of Apache ActiveMQ are identical to (and have identical versions as) the libraries deployed in the main JBoss A-MQ product.
  • The Red Hat version (and only the Red Hat version) of the Apache ActiveMQ standard distribution is supported and the libraries in this distribution can be patched from time to time.

Location of the standard distribution

The Apache ActiveMQ standard distribution is provided as an archive file, in the following location:
After unpacking the archive to a convenient location on the file system, you will be able to access the commands and scripts referred to in this chapter.