B.3. Blueprint URL handler

The Blueprint URL handler enables you to deploy a Blueprint XML resource directly as an OSGi bundle, without needing to create any of the usual OSGi bundle packaging in advance. The blueprint: scheme can be prefixed to any of the usual location URL handlers (for example, file:, http:, profile:, zk:).
To use the Blueprint URL handler, create a bundle entry in the agent properties (equivalent to the io.fabric8.agent PID) in the following format:
For example, to activate the camel.xml resource (Blueprint file) from the current profile, you would add the following bundle entry:
The Blueprint URL handler has an important side effect. If the referenced Blueprint resource is changed at run time, the Blueprint URL handler detects this change and automatically reloads the resource. This means, for example, that if you edit a deployed Camel route in a Blueprint resource, the route automatically gets updated in real time.