Chapter 7. Fabric8 Maven Plug-In


This maven plug-in makes it easy to create or update a fabric profile from your Maven project.

7.1. Preparing to Use the Plug-In

Edit your Maven settings

First you will need to edit your ~/.m2/settings.xml file to add the fabric server's user and password so that the maven plugin can log in to the fabric. For example, you could add the following server element to your settings.xml file:
Where Username and Password are the credentials of a Fabric user with administrative privileges (for example, the credentials you would use to log on to the Management Console).

Customising the repository ID

The default Fabric Maven repository ID is fabric8.upload.repo. You can specify additional server elements in your settings.xml file for each of the fabrics you need to work with. To select the relevant credentials, you can set the serverId property in the Fabric8 Maven plug-in configuration section (see Section 7.4, “Configuration Properties”) or set the fabric8.serverId Maven property.