Release Notes

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

What's new in Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

Red Hat

Version 6.1
13 Oct 2017


These notes provide an overview of the changes between each release of Red Hat JBoss A-MQ.

Chapter 1. What's New


This section describes the main features and changes in version 6.1.

New features

The following list describes the main features in version 6.1:
  • Full support for AMQP 1.0. Out-of-the-box wire-level compatibility across connections.
    AMQP 1.0 is not a supported protocol for the JBoss A-MQ JCA connector (Apache ActiveMQ resource adapter, which is the plug-in for integrating JBoss A-MQ with the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform container). OpenWire is the only wire protocol supported by the JCA connector.
  • Broker configuration modification no longer requires restarting the services.
  • Improved high availability (HA). Embedded message store for shared-nothing HA configuration.
  • Certification of the JBoss A-MQ resource adapater with JBoss EAP 6.
  • Support for the MQTT 3.1.1 draft specification.
  • Extensive connectors library. More than 200 out-of-the-box-connectors with Apache Camel and new connectors for Salesforce and SAP.
  • New Fuse Management Console. Improved out-of-the-box management console based on the Web console. You can now start, stop, measure and trace Camel routes on-premise or in the cloud.

Technical preview features

The following features are provided on a technical preview basis and are not fully supported in version 6.1:
  • Insight metrics for Kibana and ElasticSearch profiles
  • Process manager (for more details see Fabric8 Process Containers)
  • Fabric partition (for more details see Fabric8 Partitions)
  • Gateway
  • Replicated LevelDB store
  • Java driver for LevelDB store on non-Linux or OS-X operating systems
  • JMS Qpid client
  • Hadoop integration
  • Fabric8 Maven plug-in
  • Fabric8 Git configuration (for more details see Fabric8 Git)
For details on what technical preview means, see

Deprecated features

The following features are deprecated from version 6.1:
  • Fabric Application Bundle (FAB). You can package modules directly in OSGi bundles.
  • Java Business Integration (JBI). You can configure JBI containers to use Camel routes.
  • Normalized Message Route (NMR). You can configure bundle-to-bundle communication to use direct-vm Camel routes, or JMS message transport.
  • ActiveMQ Web console. You can use the ActiveMQ tab on the Fuse Management Console instead.

Chapter 2. Known Issues

The following list describes known issues in version 6.1:
LDAP JAAS login module causes authentication problems for Fabric [FABRIC-1154]
Configuration of LDAP authentication in the context of Fabric does not work as described in section "Enable LDAP Authentication in the OSGi Container" in "Security Guide". When you configure the LDAP login module as described, authentication fails always. To work around this problem, configure JAAS as follows:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<blueprint xmlns=""

  <jaas:config name="karaf" rank="2">
    <jaas:module className="io.fabric8.jaas.ZookeeperLoginModule"
    <jaas:module className="org.apache.karaf.jaas.modules.ldap.LDAPLoginModule"
Where the ZookeeperLoginModule is added to the chain of login modules and both the ZookeeperLoginModule and the LDAPLoginModule are configured with flags=sufficient. The ZookeeperLoginModule must be present, in order to parse the credentials token. It is not necessary to populate the Zookeeper authentication system with user data.
To secure JBoss A-MQ against the POODLE SSLv3 vulnerability, you must disable SSLv3 in some JBoss A-MQ components
The POODLE SSLv3 vulnerability can cause JBoss A-MQ components that use SSL authentication, such as the embedded ActiveMQ broker and the LDAP authentication module, to be exposed to man-in-the-middle attacks.
Workaround: Manually disable SSLv3 in any deployed components that use SSL authentication. For details on how to disable SSLv3, see the Disabling SSLv3 in JBoss Fuse 6.x and JBoss A-MQ 6.x knowledge base article on the Red Hat Customer Portal. For general information about the POODLE SSLv3 vulnerability, see the POODLE: SSLv3 vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566) knowledge base article on the Red Hat Customer Portal.
The help command in the generic Apache Karaf shell causes an exception
By default, you launch the Red Hat JBoss A-MQ console with the fusemq command. However, Red Hat JBoss A-MQ also includes a generic Apache Karaf shell that you can launch with the shell command. In the generic shell, the help command throws an exception. It is not recommend to use the generic Apache Karaf shell.
The ls command might cause an exception
The ls console command that you can use to inspect OSGi bundles throws an exception when you run it on some bundles.
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime is required on Windows 7 64-bit operating systems
On some 64-bit Windows operating systems you must install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) before you can start Red Hat JBoss A-MQ.
The jmx.restart feature might behave unexpectedly [ENTMQ-570]
When you install and use the jmx.restart feature, you might encounter errors.
Some jClouds feature dependencies must be installed manually [ENTESB-1223]
When you install the jclouds-rackspace-cloudblockstorage-us feature, you must manually install some bundle dependencies.
To install the bundles:
  1. In the Karaf console, run the command to show the list of feature dependencies in the following format:
    features:info -d <feature_name>
  2. Run the command to show the Maven repository that contains the feature bundles on each of the dependencies in the following format:
    features:info -b <feature_name>
  3. Run the command to install each bundle directly from the Maven repository in the following format:
    osgi:install <Mave_repository_URL>
After you install all of the bundle dependencies, you can install the feature with the features:install command in the same way you normally install features.
Cannot connect to SSH containers on Windows operating systems with JDK 7 [ENTESB-1211]
The following error message might appear:
org.apache.sshd.common.RuntimeSshException: Failed to get the session.
at org.apache.sshd.client.future.DefaultConnectFuture.getSession(
at org.apache.karaf.client.Main.main(
Caused by: The format of the specified network name is invalid.
Workaround: Run the command to manually specify the host name in the following format:
bin\client.bat -h <IP_address>
Cannot run jClouds 1.6.3 and 1.7.0 on Oracle databases with OpenJDK 1.7.0 build 51 [JCLOUDS-427]
Workaround: To continue to use jClouds 1.6.3 or 1.7.0, you can use OpenJDK 1.7.0 build 45 or earlier. To use OpenJDK 1.7.0 build 51, tou can use a jClouds snapshot of version 1.7.1 or 1.8.0.
To check whether your jClouds version is compatible with your OpenJDK version, run the command to search for the TypeToken2 class in the jclourse-core-<version>.jar file in the following format:
$ jar -tvf jclouds-core-<version>.jar org/jclouds/util/TypeToken2.class
Cannot create a fabric on a Windows 7 operating system with Java 7 [FABRIC-963]
To connect to the ZooKeeper server, you must change the connectivity type from IPv6 to IPv4. For the detailed solution, see the following Customer Portal article: Cannot create fabric in JBoss Fuse 6.1 Beta on Windows 7
Cannot apply patches with alphabetic characters [ENTESB-1352]
You can specify only numeric characters and periods (.) in profile patch versions. For example, you cannot apply a patch with the version 1.2-amq.
You cannot access the management console when you run Red Hat JBoss A-MQ
When you start the Karaf console in JBoss A-MQ and log in to the management console from the browser, the logging console shows the following error message:
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64.decodeBase64(Ljava/lang/String;)[B
Workaround: Delete the pax-url-aether-1.5.2.jar file from the lib/ folder.
KAR files not supported in a Fabric environment
Apache Karaf archive (KAR) files are not supported in a Fabric environment and cannot be deployed to a Fabric container. It is possible, however, to deploy KAR files to a non-Fabric container.
[ENTESB-3488] Fuse Fabric mq-create requires keytool to be installed
The fabric:mq-create command requires that the Java keytool command-line utility is provided on your PATH. If necessary, you can work around this requirement by specifying the --no-ssl option (which disables support for the SSL/TLS protocol).
[ENTMQ-686] Fabric Discovery protocol is not backward compatible for mq clients
JBoss A-MQ 6.0 clients that use a Fabric discovery broker URL—for example, a URL of the form discovery:fabric:clusterID—cannot connect to JBoss A-MQ 6.1 brokers deployed in a Fabric. There are two alternative workarounds for this issue:
  • Upgrade the 6.0 clients to user version 6.1, or
  • Interpose an MQ Gateway (from JBoss A-MQ 6.1) between the clients and the brokers, and configure the clients to connect to the brokers through the MQ Gateway.

Chapter 3. Resolved Issues

3.1. Messaging

Table 3.1, “Messaging Issues Resolved in 6.1” lists the issues resolved in version 6.1.

Table 3.1. Messaging Issues Resolved in 6.1

Issue NumberDescription
ENTMQ-94We have both activemq and mq webconsole listed in the features
ENTMQ-111standalone webconsole error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Broker is not yet started" when master instance is restarted in master/slave pair.
ENTMQ-169Pending Queue Counter is incorrect when using durable topics
ENTMQ-173Broker may be unable to recover durable topic subscription from the kahadb journal
ENTMQ-224ER1: JMS TCKs violations: if connection is reused in EJB, second usage is out of transaction
ENTMQ-238jdbcPersistenceAdapter does not use lockCreateStatement value
ENTMQ-242Web Demo doesn't work
ENTMQ-243External broker clients using discovery protocol have osgi depdencies.
ENTMQ-250CR1: solaris 10 and aix 7.1 startup problem
ENTMQ-261The Resource Adapter ignores the JMSXGroupID when dispatching to MDBs
ENTMQ-273FMQNetworksFabricDiscovery.html in documentation incorrectly documents the Discovery URI as discovery://(fabric://nwBrokers)
ENTMQ-274Nullpointer when using TimeStampingBrokerPlugin & IndividualDeadLetterStrategy
ENTMQ-277Client connections are not being rebalanced when a new broker joins the network
ENTMQ-280Fix and merge (persisted redelivery flag)
ENTMQ-282Un-browsable messages in broker mesh with large volume of data
ENTMQ-283org.apache.activemq.tooling:activemq-maven-plugin:5.8.0 - The parameters 'project' for goal org.apache.activemq.tooling:activemq-maven-plugin:5.8.0.redhat-60023:run are missing or invalid
ENTMQ-285consumer.close() on transacted session does not release prefetched messages
ENTMQ-286Updates to the configuring and running guide
ENTMQ-288second network connector in list not picking up configured network.userName
ENTMQ-289mq-web-console profile in fabric
ENTMQ-290mkahadb with perDestination="true" lazily loads kahadb journal files after startup
ENTMQ-293Problems with SSL & Java 7
ENTMQ-294Security guide updates required
ENTMQ-296ActiveMQResourceAdapter.getXARessources() broken
ENTMQ-299Make web console secured by default when it is deployed (hardening fix for CVE-2013-3060)
ENTMQ-304extras/ is missing libraries for LevelDB persistence adapter
ENTMQ-309Deadlock when message expires on a temporary destination and queue is going away
ENTMQ-322Messages stuck in queue with redelivered=true
ENTMQ-329Broker recovery very slow when using jdbc persistence adapter and vmcursor
ENTMQ-331jdbcPersistenceAdapter does not auto select the appropriate Database JDBC adapter
ENTMQ-332 jdbcPersistenceAdapter: tablePrefix is ignored when the jdbcPersistenceAdapter.adapter attribute is set
ENTMQ-334Network consumers remaining when remote consumers are disconnected
ENTMQ-336Fuse bundles feature is missing in the distro
ENTMQ-337Improve DestinationFilter to allow any filter to unsubscribe its wrapped destination from a durable subscription
ENTMQ-338Persistent message lost when happens with manual invervention
ENTMQ-339JDBCIOExceptionHandler does not restart TransportConnector when JMX is enabled on broker - Transport Connector could not be registered in JMX
ENTMQ-340Negative JMX QueueSize attribute in due to purging a queue
ENTMQ-341Persistant message moved from ActiveMQ.DLQ to another queue can be lost
ENTMQ-342ServerSession of JCA resource adapter may close down in case of using failover transport preventing any further messages to be dispatched.
ENTMQ-346Master Slave not working well with mKahaDB
ENTMQ-349Can not remove default JMX port 1099 if the <managementContext connectorPort="2001"> section is located after <networkConnectors> section in activemq.xml file
ENTMQ-357When using store cursor with oracle persistent store, the broker is locking up when trying to receive messages
ENTMQ-358Missing library xpp, xml pull parser
ENTMQ-360QueueBrowser hangs when browsing large queues
ENTMQ-361The lease-database-locker does not work properly if master/slave broker servers are out of sync with Database server
ENTMQ-363Some jars missing in apache-activemq-5.8.0.redhat-60024
ENTMQ-366JDBCPersistence DB stopped during message send; JMSException is sent back to client rather than shutting down connection
ENTMQ-368JDBCPersistence DB stopped during message send with JDBCIOExceptionHandler configured; IOException/SQLException is sent back (sometimes) to the client before the transport connector is shutdown
ENTMQ-370Consume message in transaction not working with AMQP transport
ENTMQ-372Background and the text on the connection information screen for the amq web console in a-mq are both black
ENTMQ-375In some case, JMS browse return duplicate messages in infinite loop
ENTMQ-377java.lang.LinkageError when trying to start child container
ENTMQ-378Failover with client ack mode consumer can loose a message auto acked as a duplicate
ENTMQ-379JMS TCKs violation REGRESSION: InvalidDestinationException should be thrown on Session.unsubscribe("foo")
ENTMQ-380unsubscribed durable subscriptions come back after broker restarted
ENTMQ-382mq-discover; mq broker instances disappear from cluster-list when zookeeper session is expired and new session established - it can result in two active broker in master/slave setup.
ENTMQ-386activemq-osgi pegging CPU(s)
ENTMQ-387TotalMessageCount not decremented if the entire queue is removed
ENTMQ-389JBoss A-MQ 6.0.0 is affected by CVE-2013-4152
ENTMQ-394JMSClientTest.testTXConsumerAndLargeNumberOfMessages fails intermittently
ENTMQ-397populateJMSXUserID is not setting the JMSXUserID property on the JMS message
ENTMQ-400Message marshalledproperties corrupt when using composite destinations and message groups.
ENTMQ-402Fuse MQ: scheduled task used by LeaserLocker to renew lease is stopped when the new is thrown, allowing two brokers to become master.
ENTMQ-407Unable to add camel routes to activemq running in a karaf container
ENTMQ-410ActiveMQ creates & initializes ACTIVEMQ_LOCK in wrong database when using separate lock data source
ENTMQ-411 [org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnection] (ActiveMQ Transport: tcp://localhost/ dispatch paused, waiting for outstanding dispatch interruption processing (1) to complete..
ENTMQ-412Enable PooledConnectionFactory to retain the DestinationName that has been passed in.
ENTMQ-414Linkage error when restarting the container
ENTMQ-420Upgrade qpid client to 0.24
ENTMQ-423using LeaseDatabaseLocker; broker periodically fails to restart after losing and reacquiring the lease, fails with exception - org.apache.activemq:type=Broker,brokerName=jdbcBroker,service=Health
ENTMQ-424runtime config url not available from pid factory - broker context is null
ENTMQ-429Resolve spring schema locally in karaf - runtime configuration plugin
ENTMQ-432Can't create replicated broker in a fabric connected A-MQ disto. Get: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/linkedin/zookeeper/client/AbstractZKClient
ENTMQ-434Fabric Master node not starting up on fresh deployment
ENTMQ-435ZooKeeprMultiGroup for MQ is not closed when the mq-fabric bundle gets stopped.
ENTMQ-436'IOException: invalid record position' error shows up on a leveldb slave
ENTMQ-437NullPointerException when using replicated leveldb
ENTMQ-439Refine recent browseQueue enhancements (AMQ-4181)
ENTMQ-443Broker doesn't start after creating a Fabric inside jboss-fuse-full
ENTMQ-444Stuck messages in a network of brokers that don't get dispatched to consumer
ENTMQ-445java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded when runtimeConfigurationPlugin is added to activemq.xml with namespace prefix
ENTMQ-446Sometimes broker doesn't start after modifying activemq.xml when <runtimeConfigurationPlugin checkPeriod="1000"/> added to plugins
ENTMQ-447Improve checksum for corrupted journal files
ENTMQ-451activemq:dstat command can throw exception
ENTMQ-453lease-database-locker does not use the configured tablePrefix in UPDATE statement
ENTMQ-454After adding simpleAuthenticationPlugin to activemq.xml the changes are not applied by watcher
ENTMQ-455Modification of virtual destinations is not applied correctly by watcher
ENTMQ-457KahaDB index corrupted but no errors are reported
ENTMQ-458Watcher doesn't work for Destination policy gcInactiveDestinations
ENTMQ-459MQTT+NIO fails when 1000 clients publish 1 msg/sec
ENTMQ-461Bug in the WebConsole RemoteJMX connectivity
ENTMQ-462NPE when adding authorizationPlugin when using watcher
ENTMQ-464FuseByExample WebsocketExample JBoss A-MQ section fails to install
ENTMQ-465FuseByExample external-mq-fabric-client depends on FMC
ENTMQ-466AmqpErrorException occurs with multiple concurrent topic consumers
ENTMQ-467vm transport does not detect connection loss and is unable to reconnect
ENTMQ-468java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Exception when sending big amount(1000+) of 1M non persistent messages to broker
ENTMQ-471Session.send() should return JMSException
ENTMQ-472Client Producer should return connection error
ENTMQ-473Master doesn't shutdown when leveldb quorum lost, reports the connection to the client is taking a long time to shutdown
ENTMQ-475Topic DurableConsumer do not consume messages after DB connection is restored by the Broker.
ENTMQ-476consumer.receive hangs when receiving message of size 1Mb with amqp
ENTMQ-477Method Connection.close() hangs after jmx broker restart with amqp
ENTMQ-479Session.createConsumer(destination) hangs after jmx broker restart with amqp
ENTMQ-483Fails to receive 2000 messages from queue with consumer.receive(5000) with amqp
ENTMQ-484Selectors don't work correctly for amqp with transport.transformer=raw
ENTMQ-485CMS package - failing integration tests
ENTMQ-486Durable subscriber doesn't recieve messages with levelDb running on amqp protocol
ENTMQ-488JDBCPersistenceAdapter: queue messages trapped in store when DB connection is lost and restored
ENTMQ-489activemqweb console is not able to display JMS Message Header values containing XML/HTML tag snippet
ENTMQ-491Durable subscriber doesn't recieve messages on amqp with client qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms version 0.26-SNAPSHOT and 0.28-SNAPSHOT
ENTMQ-493Method session.createTopic(topicName) of qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms creates queue instead of topic, unless its name is not prefixed with 'topic://'
ENTMQ-496JDBCPersistenceAdapter; When duplicate message occur from network producer, message is stuck in DB even when enableAudit="false"
ENTMQ-499[Doc] Update docs on making activemq-jaas work well with karaf (or any other) authentication module
ENTMQ-501" java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.activemq.command.ExceptionResponse cannot be cast to org.apache.activemq.command.IntegerResponse, attempting to automatically reconnect"
ENTMQ-505Reduce the reliance on fsync when writing to disk (AMQ-4947)
ENTMQ-506Parameter forwardOnly is not applied by watcher in virtual destinations
ENTMQ-507sending big amount(1000+) of 1M non persistent messages to broker raises following exception
ENTMQ-508No message received from topic
ENTMQ-509javax.transaction.RollbackException: ARJUNA016053: Could not commit transaction - when re-using UserTransaction
ENTMQ-510Not delivered messages after clean shutdown of master
ENTMQ-511Cannot start JBoss A-MQ server on Solaris
ENTMQ-513activemq-camel should explicitly Import-Package org.apache.activemq.pool
ENTMQ-515JBoss A-MQ 6.1.0 is affected by CVE-2013-6429
ENTMQ-517very large number of org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQSession$2 held and never released by ActiveMQConnection[ID:XXX] Scheduler thread.
ENTMQ-518Sockets in org.apache.activemq.transport.tcp.TcpTransportServer#socketQueue are not handled
ENTMQ-520Both test cases in LDAPLoginModuleTest are failing
ENTMQ-530ttl set on message is not converted to an expiry time stamp
ENTMQ-534disable jmx broker restart by default in a-mq
ENTMQ-536amqp - slow consume of large messages
ENTMQ-539Can't start broker after migration from 6.0
ENTMQ-541Leveldb Startup error in standalone distros
ENTMQ-542Broker with LevelDB (JNI driver) Could not load any of the index factory classes:leveldbjni.JniDBFactory on Windows
ENTMQ-545Broker side redeliveryDelay does not work
ENTMQ-546MQTT Interop test client fails against JBoss A-MQ
ENTMQ-547EMBARGOED A-MQ 6.0 is affected by CVE-2014-0003 Camel remote code execution via XSL
ENTMQ-548EMBARGOED A-MQ 6.0 is affected by CVE-2014-0002 Camel XML eXternal Entity (XXE) flaw in XSLT component
ENTMQ-551Session.commit() hangs when amqp+nio is used
ENTMQ-555A-MQ 6.0 is affected by CVE-2013-7285 XStream RCE due to insecure XML deserialization
ENTMQ-562Incorrect feature definition: mq-fabric-camel/6.1.0.redhat-SNAPSHOT
ENTMQ-563A-MQ 6.0 is affected by CVE-2014-0050 apache-commons-fileupload: denial of service due to too-small buffer size used bt MultipartStream
ENTMQ-566mq-default broker waits to become a master when it restarts from a configuration change
ENTMQ-568FilePendingMessageCursor cannot be cast to
ENTMQ-575EMBARGOED A-MQ 6.0 is affected by CVE-2014-0085 Apache Zookeeper: admin user cleartext password appears in logging
ENTMQ-578session.createConsumer(queue) fails after sending message of size 1 Mb for amqp+nio
ENTMQ-585A-MQ 6.0 is affected by CVE-2014-1904 cross-site scripting flaw when using Spring MVC
ENTMQ-592Error installing boot feature "patch": feature not found
ENTMQ-593LevelDB sync=true is not being honored.
ENTMQ-609 session = conn.createSession(false,Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE); hangs for amqp, and amqp+nio
AMQ-1063Journaled JDBC checkpoint fails with Already started.
AMQ-2505Problem with servicing broker messages when client hostName contains "language specific" characters (org.apache.activemq.util.IdGenerator problem)
AMQ-2536XPath selectors return false if xalan is not on the classpath
AMQ-2938ActiveMQ Console requires Jasypt bundle which is not part of the ActiveMQ features
AMQ-2942Can't configure an inactivity monitor for https transport
AMQ-2960PooledConnectionFactoryBean returns null in OSGi env sometimes
AMQ-3101Issues in password encryption
AMQ-3303Standalone Webconsole crashes when accessing master-slave failover activeMQ
AMQ-3350amq.js initHandler() method swallows first message received
AMQ-3447When MessageListenerServlet is running under servlet3, the continuation is not timing out.
AMQ-3560Destinations do not implement javax.resource.Referenceable and will not be registerable in JNDI by some compliant JCA containers.
AMQ-3580Documentation on integration with spring contains misleading part regarding embedded broker
AMQ-3725Kahadb error during SAN failover delayed write - Allow kahaDB to recover in a similar manner as the JDBC store using the IOExceptionHandler
AMQ-3776synchronization error in MessageListenerServlet.getAjaxWebClient
AMQ-3777Incorrect variable name in bin/activemq
AMQ-3922HSQLDB support is broken as wrong data type is used in
AMQ-4073Cannot shut down broker under certain conditions with schedule delivery and producer flow control
AMQ-4092ConcurrentModificationException when using message groups
AMQ-4212Broker may be unable to recover durable topic subscription from the kahadb journal
AMQ-4277activemq-web - REST GET 204
AMQ-4325camel doen't honor credentials set on activemqcomponent bean via spring
AMQ-4343activemq-web-console can't be installed on Karaf 2.2.x
AMQ-4356unsubcribes DurableSuscriber does not work well with Virtual Topics
AMQ-4361Deadlock during close while publishing to flow-controlled queue
AMQ-4371RSS and ATOM feeds doesn't work in web-console
AMQ-4372WebConsole throw Java Heap Space when browse a queue with more than 100 elements
AMQ-4376JoramJmsTest QueueBrowserTest.testSenderBrowser fails intermittently.
AMQ-4413Persistent message loss when JMS durable subscriber reconnects regardless of message store impl.
AMQ-4428Don't swallow errors in IntrospectionSupport.setProperty
AMQ-4435ActiveMQConnectionFatory should populate "consumerFailoverRedeliveryWaitPeriod"
AMQ-4437JUnit deprecation warnings
AMQ-4441Race condition in PooledConnectionFactory.createConnection
AMQ-4461Priority backup with mulitple brokers
AMQ-4463org.apache.activemq.bugs.AMQ4368Test.testENTMQ220 fails intermittently
AMQ-4464NonBlocking redelivery redelivers messages in reverse order.
AMQ-4467Memory usage percent can be exceeded much if PFC is disabled
AMQ-4468TimeStampPlugin doesn't work with Stomp
AMQ-4469Maximum connections control can not work in concurrent environment
AMQ-4471Inconsistent messages with the WebSocket/Stomp Demo
AMQ-4472consumer.close() on transacted session does not release prefetched messages
AMQ-4475NullPointerException with IndividualDeadLetterStrategy and TimeStampBrokerPlugin
AMQ-4484NetworkConnectors create a consumer for queue://
AMQ-4485Skipped message dispatch with concurrent transacted sends at cursor memory limit
AMQ-4486ActiveMQResourceAdapter.getXARessources() broken
AMQ-4487java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
AMQ-4495Imporve cursor memory management
AMQ-4500Changes to AMQ2832Test cause SparseAckReplayAfterStoreCleanupLevelDBStoreTest to fail
AMQ-4501Failover priorityBackup doesn't work if client accepts updates to its list of known URIs from the broker.
AMQ-4504Stalled pending message dispatch to composite destination consumer
AMQ-4505Client doesn't fail over to other broker if updateClusterClientsOnRemove = true
AMQ-4507FailoverTransport throws NullPointerException
AMQ-4512MemoryUsage waitForSpace in inconsistent state
AMQ-4513Deadlock can occur on dispose of TempQueue that contains expired Messages
AMQ-4516Don't decrement topic enqueues when messages are expired
AMQ-4517The Advisory for Messages being sent to the DLQ is sent regardless of the Message actually being DLQd
AMQ-4519MasterLevelDBStore does not shutdown its protocol server when stopped
AMQ-4529leveldb store NPEs when you send to a composite destination.
AMQ-4530activemq-web unable to show StringProperties on Message
AMQ-4531TcpTransportServer can leak FDs when maximumConnection is set and the limit exceeded
AMQ-4532shutdown of VMTransportServer should report disposed exception to peer pending requests
AMQ-4534When using ElectingLevelDBStore cannot delete all messages on startup
AMQ-4535activemq configured with leveldb commit fail when accessed by PutGet f-tion from IBM Perf Harness
AMQ-4540NetworkBridge - don't wait for ever for demandSubscription pending send responses on remove
AMQ-4542Broken javax.jms.Message.getObjectProperty(String)
AMQ-4544Cant send MQTT message to AMQP endpoints
AMQ-4548KahaDB can recover old inflight XA transactions that keep logs from being cleaned up.
AMQ-4554NumberFormatException when parsing JMSXProducerTXID
AMQ-4555Locking in SimpleCachedLDAPAuthorizationMap can lead to delays in Message dispatch.
AMQ-4559Minor error in org.apache.activemq.transport.amqp.JMSClientTest
AMQ-4560Exception from AMQP transport when dispatching Messages from the store.
AMQ-4562SimplePriorityMessageDispatchChannel.clear() needs to reset size attribute
AMQ-4563Persisted messages reappear after broker restart when using amqp
AMQ-4568org.apache.activemq.transport.amqp.AmqpTransformerTest#testRawTransformation hangs
AMQ-4575JDBCIOExceptionHandler does not restart TransportConnector when JMX is enabled on broker - Transport Connector could not be registered in JMX
AMQ-4576MQTT BlockingConnection.receive fails when subscribing multiple topics
AMQ-4581JDBCPersistenceAdapter can ignore statements settings depending on configuration order.
AMQ-4582Specifying invalid ciphersuite in SSL transport causes all available ciphersuites to be enabled
AMQ-4585MQTT BlockingConnection.receive fails when receiving pending messages after reconnect without cleaning session
AMQ-4587AMQP to JMS transformer fails to properly map AMQP specific property types like UnsignedInteger
AMQ-4588org.apache.activemq.util.IdGenerator calls non-configurable new ServerSocket(0);
AMQ-4589Race condition in AjaxListener causes lost messages
AMQ-4591CronParser bug on getNextScheduledTime to handle the once per minute case "* * * * *"
AMQ-4592MySQL 5.1.25 change driver name
AMQ-4595QueueBrowser hangs when browsing large queues
AMQ-4596AMQP: JMSSecurityExceptions are not propagated back to QPID client on authentication failures
AMQ-4598Negative JMX QueueSize attribute in due to purging a queue
AMQ-4599Only package the pure java LevelDB driver by default
AMQ-4604Update QPID Client version to 0.22
AMQ-4605AMQ2149KahaDBTest is redundant
AMQ-4606BrokerXmlConfigStartTest fails on activemq-leveldb-replicating.xml
AMQ-4609NetworkConnector MBean registered early, causing wrong MBean server to be started
AMQ-4610ActiveMQ shows icon in Dock on MacOSX (with solution)
AMQ-4623InstallService.bat, UninstallService.bat running failed on explorer(win32,64)
AMQ-4625XPP Pull parser lib missing from AMQ distro
AMQ-4628Improve Performance of JDBC store with large number of messages
AMQ-4629REST MessageServlet swallowing Messages on high traffic topic
AMQ-4634Rar losing messages when there is a XA trx timeout (jboss)
AMQ-4638Tell broker to use only the space it thinks it has
AMQ-4640We should run JoramJmsTests with amqp+nio
AMQ-4641JoramJmsTest QueryBrowserTest fails when run with amqp+nio
AMQ-4643JDBCPersistence DB stopped during message send with JDBCIOExceptionHandler configured; IOException/SQLException is sent back (sometimes) to the client before the transport connector is shutdown
AMQ-4645The lease-database-locker does not work properly slave broker ssytem clock is behind Database server
AMQ-4648fix script created by ./bin/activemq create to be able to pass command line args and run in the background
AMQ-4651Messages consumed in a TX from AMQP client are not removed from the Queue
AMQ-4655We should run JoramJmsTests with amqp+ssl
AMQ-4656Pending Queue Counter is incorrect when using durable topics
AMQ-4665Failover with client ack mode consumer can loose a message auto acked as a duplicate
AMQ-4670DurableSubDelayedUnsubscribeTest.testProcess fails intermittently
AMQ-4671REGRESSION: InvalidDestinationException should be thrown on Session.unsubscribe that has no sub
AMQ-4672[JMS Client] Set the SNI field on SSL connections
AMQ-4673Application that uses activemq-camel fails deploying to GlassFish v4
AMQ-4674ActiveMQ 5.x does not support the notion of a grace-period for heart beats as supported by the STOMP protocol
AMQ-4676ActiveMQ not compliant with JSR-250 (@PostConstruct, @PreDestroy)
AMQ-4677LevelDB can't move all message data logs that are no longer used
AMQ-4678Timeout for StompLoadTest.testStompUnloadLoad is too long
AMQ-4683Scheduler discards overdue messages on startup
AMQ-4685LDAPLoginModule throws InvalidNameException when resolving LDAP aliases
AMQ-4686Message browsing denied for stomp protocol 1.2
AMQ-4695Cannot connect as Anonymous over MQTT TransportConnector
AMQ-4696Durable Subscriptions are not created properly when using AMQP
AMQ-4702Error resolving org.jvnet.jaxb2_commons packages
AMQ-4704Stomp unit tests fail
AMQ-4705Add keep alive support to shared file locker
AMQ-4711totalMessageCount stat is not properly updated when destination is removed
AMQ-4712MQTT unit tests fail
AMQ-4713org.apache.activemq.transport.amqp.JMSClientTest.testTXConsumerAndLargeNumberOfMessages fails
AMQ-4714If multiple MessageInterceptors are registered, a stack overflow can occur
AMQ-4717populateJMSXUserID is not setting the JMSXUserID property on the JMS message in JMX
AMQ-4719Enable "Link Stealing" as an option on a Connector
AMQ-4725FailoverUriTest hangs
AMQ-4726Text information of ant producer durable option is not correct
AMQ-4729mKahaDB master slave needs lock when filtered adapter locks are created on the fly
AMQ-4731TempQueueMemoryTest started failing recently.
AMQ-4740heart-beat is disabled when connecting to web socket
AMQ-4741Qpid producer.send with sync_publish=true set against activemq blocks and doesn't return
AMQ-4744Support using LevelDB as a nested store in mKahaDB
AMQ-4746Applet ClassLoader Problems
AMQ-4747WARN in console
AMQ-4748Default configuration raises an exception at shutdown
AMQ-4753amqp+nio+ssl: infinite loop during inital handshake with SSL + client certs
AMQ-4769Connection.close() throws exception if already closed.
AMQ-4785Failover maxReconnectAttempts=0 incorrectly calls org.apache.activemq.transport.TransportListener#transportInterupted
AMQ-4788Add support for allowing the broker to partition client client load across a broker cluster using a partitioning config
AMQ-4791[org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnection] dispatch paused, waiting for outstanding dispatch interruption processing (1) to complete..
AMQ-4798Destination limit for advisory topic very high after recent commit
AMQ-4813webconsole - Viewing message details when message ID contains a plus results in " No message could be found for ID {messageID}"
AMQ-4820runtime config - namespace prefix causes npe on config load
AMQ-4823NetworkConnector not registered in JMX when created from Broker View
AMQ-4829activemq:dstat command can throw error for topic subscriptions views
AMQ-4832Broker limits store space, not taking into account what it's already using
AMQ-4837LevelDB corrupted when in a replication cluster
AMQ-4840Invalid STOMP frame sent on websocket connections with heartbeats.
AMQ-4841lease-database-locker does not use the configured tablePrefix in UPDATE statement
AMQ-4853Advisory support leads to excessive CPU usage
AMQ-4854JmsRollbackRedeliveryTest.testRedeliveryWithPrefetch1 fails intermittently
AMQ-4855Typos in SubscriptionInfo
AMQ-4857WSServlet.doWebSocketConnect throws NPE if called with null protocol
AMQ-4869Wrong JMX object name created in RemoteJMXBrokerFacade
AMQ-4874DurableSubscriptionOfflineTest.testOrderOnActivateDeactivate fails on CI boxes
AMQ-4876SslContextNBrokerServiceTest fails intermittently on CI boxes
AMQ-4877QueueMbeanRestartTest fails intermittently
AMQ-4882LevelDB can get to a corrupt state when using XA transactions
AMQ-4884Wildcard matches do not match
AMQ-4886AMQ2149LevelDBTest hangs or fails frequently
AMQ-4887ActiveMQBytesMessage will lost content if message's property was set before copy
AMQ-4889ProxyConnector memory usage skyrockets when several ssl handshakes fails
AMQ-4892MQTT clients disconnecting due to socket error do not publish the configured last will and testament message.
AMQ-4893UTF8Buffer should be a valid object for setObjectProperty
AMQ-4896MQTT does not properly restore durable subs with the Paho client.
AMQ-4897Race condition in failover transport
AMQ-4899Multiple consumers of the same virtual topic queue cannot have different message selectors
AMQ-4904jdbc ioexception handler can restart transports in error after lease expriy
AMQ-4905runtime config - embed spring beans schema to avoid trip to the internet in osgi land
AMQ-4906advisory producerCount = 0 is not received on temporary queue
AMQ-4907kahadb - do some sanity check on the index when checkForCorruptJournalFiles
AMQ-4910Windows batch script doesn't like spaces in installation path
AMQ-4914AMQP consumer hangs when receiving large messages
AMQ-4917LevelDB store can fail when using durable subs
AMQ-4920AmqpErrorException occurs with multiple concurrent amqp topic consumers
AMQ-4923Replicated LevelDB: Loss of broker Quorum fails to fully stop the master
AMQ-4924Duplicate messages are left in the persistence store
AMQ-4927clients can not receive mqtt retained message
AMQ-4930java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Exception when sending big amount(1000+) of 1M non persistent messages to broker
AMQ-4934JDBCPersistenceAdapter: queue messages trapped in store when DB connection is lost and restored
AMQ-4938Queue Messages lost after read timeout on REST API.
AMQ-4950" java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.activemq.command.ExceptionResponse cannot be cast to org.apache.activemq.command.IntegerResponse, attempting to automatically reconnect"
AMQ-4952When duplicate message occur from network producer, messages blocked by cursor audit are blocked till restart
AMQ-4958Ignored InterruptedException in IdGenerator
AMQ-4962Connections not closing on AMQP connector when client closes its side.
AMQ-4967activemq-camel should explicitly Import-Package org.apache.activemq.pool
AMQ-4970Deletion of a queue inaffective across broker restart
AMQ-4972FailoverConsumerTest.testPublisherFailsOver is failing
AMQ-4973UnreliableUdpTransportTest and MulticastTransportTest have test failures
AMQ-4974Remove NetworkConnectionsCleanedupTest?
AMQ-4975DbRestartJDBCQueueMasterSlaveLeaseQuiesceTest.testSendReceive fails intermittently
AMQ-4976Remove console from official distro
AMQ-4977Memory leak in ConnectionStateTracker when browsing non-empty queues
AMQ-4978JoramJmsNioTest hangs intermittently
AMQ-4980MessageGroupLateArrivalsTest.testConsumerLateToBigPartyGetsNewGroup fails intermittently
AMQ-4988Possible case of curroption in Scheduler store
AMQ-4991JmsSendReceiveTwoConnectionsWithSenderUsingPoolTest.testSendReceive fails with NPE in PooledProducer
AMQ-4994Web Console - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space - while browsing deep queues
AMQ-4995Runtime Configuration Plugin - reapply destination interceptor after reload
AMQ-4998Old Web Admin console does not manage - new parameter messageTTL consumerTTL connections.jsp and connections Panel display error messages
AMQ-5001AbortSlowAckConsumer0Test has multiple test failures
AMQ-5002AMQP: If a proton client only sets the ttl, and not the message timestamp, ActiveMQ does not handle the expiration correctly
AMQ-5003On overlapping Failover a session can consume large amounts of memory trying to clear consumer state.
AMQ-5006Upgrade surefire to the latest version
AMQ-5013RestPersistentTest sometimes hangs on CI boxes
AMQ-5017ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy.setAll sets inputStreamPrefetch incorrectly
AMQ-5021org.apache.activemq.bugs.MemoryUsageBlockResumeTest sometimes hangs
AMQ-5028Remove jetty and jsp compiler jars from web-console.war
AMQ-5029embedded webconsole broker does not resolve system property
AMQ-5033webconsole url and html encoding missing
AMQ-5035deleting durable subscriber exception
AMQ-5036AMQ4914.testSendHugeMessage times out on slow CI boxes
AMQ-5038RAR - Active session can delay/block endpoint deactivation on shutdown
AMQ-5041JMSClientTest is hanging
AMQ-5042Session.commit() hangs when amqp+nio is used
AMQ-5043Improve MQTT spec compatibility
AMQ-5047Maven version affects packaging
AMQ-5051MQTTInactivityMonitor throws a NullPointerException
AMQ-5053BrokerRedeliveryTest.testNoScheduledRedeliveryOfExpired fails intermittently
AMQ-5054Display the number of active transactions and age of oldest transaction on a Connection's JMX info
AMQ-5058Broker MUST respond with CONNACK with return code 0x02 for zero length client id and 0 cleansession
AMQ-5059The first packet from client to Broker MUST be a CONNECT packet, Broker MUST disconnect when UNSUBSCRIBE is the first packet
AMQ-5062JMSClientNioTest fails intermittently
AMQ-5065MQTT Retained message QoS must be set to a maximum of Subscription's QoS
AMQ-5066Duplicate MQTT Subscription with a different QoS for the same Topic MUST remove the older Subscription
AMQ-5070Broker should stop accepting work when trying to shut down transports
AMQ-5071Wrong or incomplete log message in PooledTaskRunner class.
AMQ-5073Session.commit() hangs when amqp+nio+ssl is used
AMQ-5074MQTT paths with empty levels are not handled correctly
AMQ-5075AMQP Transport throws unauthorized access for all error that occur during a connection attempt
AMQ-5080RAR - missing messages on master slave failover
AMQ-5087RedeliveryPolicy redeliveryDelay is ignored if initialRedeliveryDelay is specified
AMQ-5089Inflight Count for topics is not correct
AMQ-5090Improve Failover transport transaction tracking
AMQ-5092MQTT uses duplicate packet IDs for PUBLISH messages
AMQ-5093ampq with nio or nio+ssl fails when sending large messages
AMQ-5096AMQP Protocol doesn't send back meaningfull errors for unauthroized access
AMQ-5099Useless or dead code in OpenWireFormat class.
AMQ-5101MQTT SUBACK packet MUST use return code 0x80 to report failed topic subscriptions
AMQ-5102AMQ4914Test.testSendHugeMessage times out on CI boxes
AMQ-5104Show non-durable Topic subscriptions on the web console
AMQ-5106unable to build trunk from scratch due to missing dependency
AMQ-5108MQTT subscriptions for cleansession=true MUST be non-durable
AMQ-5110No disposition set on Discharge response for AMQP TX commit or rollback
AMQ-5112MQTT server connections are not thread safe
AMQ-5113JmsCronSchedulerTest fails intermittently because of race condition in test
AMQ-5115LevelDB sync=true is not being honored.
APLO-245The LevelDB store does not seem to get cleaned/compacted
APLO-284Invalid log position warnings
ENTESB-1262Mixed version of Spring
ENTESB-788Leveldb error on startup - kit -018
ENTMQ-224ER1: JMS TCKs violations: if connection is reused in EJB, second usage is out of transaction
ENTMQ-304extras/ is missing libraries for LevelDB persistence adapter
ENTMQ-394JMSClientTest.testTXConsumerAndLargeNumberOfMessages fails intermittently
ENTMQ-402Fuse MQ: scheduled task used by LeaserLocker to renew lease is stopped when the new is thrown, allowing two brokers to become master.
ENTMQ-418AMQ2149LevelDBTest hangs on AIX7 and Solaris
ENTMQ-439Refine recent browseQueue enhancements (AMQ-4181)
ENTMQ-444Stuck messages in a network of brokers that don't get dispatched to consumer
ENTMQ-445java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded when runtimeConfigurationPlugin is added to activemq.xml with namespace prefix
ENTMQ-505Reduce the reliance on fsync when writing to disk (AMQ-4947)
ENTMQ-510Not delivered messages after clean shutdown of master
ENTMQ-520Both test cases in LDAPLoginModuleTest are failing
ENTMQ-546MQTT Interop test client fails against JBoss A-MQ
ZOOKEEPER-1334[ZOOKEEPER-1334] Zookeeper 3.4.x is not OSGi compliant - MANIFEST.MF is flawed

3.2. Container

Table 3.2, “Container Issues Resolved in 6.1” lists the issues resolved in version 6.1.

Table 3.2. Container Issues Resolved in 6.1

Issue NumberDescription
ARIES-1019JPA weaving hook must be called before proxy weaving hook.
ARIES-1024SingleServiceTracker fails to track services properly when using a filter
ARIES-1026JPA Temporary classloader cannot traverse the OSGi ClassLoader Graph
ARIES-1031BlueprintExtender unnecassarily shutting down
ARIES-1055Allow use of custom namespaces in blueprint-noosgi
ARIES-1064Advertise blueprint extender capability as defined in the OSGi enterprise r5 spec
ARIES-1070Provide a correct JDBC wrapping for XA data sources
ARIES-1090ABBA deadlock in BP container between BlueprintContainerImpl and ReferenceRecipe
ARIES-896Deadlock with blueprint services
ARIES-958BundleManifest.fromBundle(IFile) fails to parse OSGI headers when bundle manifest contains Name header.
ARIES-976BlueprintContainerImpl swallowing NPE prevents error being logged
ENTESB-1072ASMMultiBundleTest.multiBundleTest fails intermittently
ENTESB-1073org.apache.aries.blueprint.itests.BlueprintMBeanTest.BlueprintSample fails intermittently
ENTESB-1080org.apache.aries.blueprint.itests.QuiesceBlueprintTest.testBasicQuieseEmptyCounter fails on windows
ENTESB-1135Aries JPA builds on Hudson fail because of large log files
ENTESB-1347aries-transaction-1.0.1.redhat-6-1-x-stable-platform has 14 test failures on multiple platforms
ENTESB-1348aries-blueprint-1.0.1.redhat-6-1-x-stable-checkin BlueprintContainerBTCustomizerTest.test tails
ENTESB-896aries-blueprint-1.0.1.redhat-6-1-x-stable-checkin TestRegistrationListener.testWithAutoExportEnabled() fails
ENTESB-897aries-jmx-1.0.1.redhat-6-1-x builds have 4 test failures
ENTESB-906aries-jmx-1.0.1.redhat-6-1-x-stable BlueprintMBeanTest.BlueprintSample test fails
ENTESB-1134Felix SCR RegistrationManagerTest.testRegistrationManager fails on Windows
ENTESB-930Warnings from Karaf webconsole
FELIX-1131ServiceReference.isAssignableTo fails when using a factory that can not see the exported class and the bundle exporting the service does not have a direct wire to this class
FELIX-4190The framework should not hold any lock while calling ServiceFactory#unget
FELIX-4309SCR leaves some components in DISABLED state
FELIX-4313Bad synchronization in scr where a lock is held while ungetting a service
FELIX-4322[DS] Prevent activation attempts until all dependency managers are set up with trackers
FELIX-4323[DS] ScrService.getComponents may return a null array element
FELIX-4326Possible Invalid BundleContext exception when shutting down the extender
FELIX-4336The use of inheritable thread locals in ThreadIO can cause problems
FELIX-4341The Properties object does not follow the spec wrt spaces
FELIX-4342Substitution is dependent on the order of the map
FELIX-4348[DS] locateService calls race with component reconfiguration
FELIX-4349Synchronization issue in ComponentRegistry
FELIX-4350Component wrongly activated

3.3. Fuse Fabric

Table 3.3, “Fuse Fabric Issues Resolved in 6.1” lists the issues resolved in version 6.1.

Table 3.3. Fuse Fabric Issues Resolved in 6.1

Issue NumberDescription
FABRIC-16Fabric camel endpoint cannot be reconnected to zookeeper node after an update of the bundle (session is expired)
FABRIC-27Camel route cannot retrieve reference of a DOSGI service - waiting for dependencies
FABRIC-138Zookeeper connection loss handling
FABRIC-298Tar command not available on Solaris
FABRIC-352The installation path for a remote ssh container is ignored
FABRIC-363Version create and update does not properly propagate entries in the registry.
FABRIC-365Modifying the ensemble will not work if the version of the containers has changed.
FABRIC-371Fabric default profile lock status change causes fabric to show locked and true as parents and these cannot be removed.
FABRIC-397Unable to provision FAB on remote fabric container
FABRIC-398Features Repository not able to be resolved
FABRIC-426CR1: Branding is not propagated to child containers
FABRIC-431Creating child container with id starting with -- due mistyped command
FABRIC-432fabric-zookeeper-spring bundle should just exports the package of "org.fusesource.fabric.zookeeper.spring"
FABRIC-441Unable to start remote ssh container in JBoss Fuse 6.0 unless telnet is installed
FABRIC-448fabric:export not exporting all profiles
FABRIC-461features:listrepositories command fails with null pointer exception on Fabric Managed container.
FABRIC-462profile-edit command does not respect the default version.
FABRIC-466camel-fabric - Routing to non existing fabric name discards message - should throw exception instead
FABRIC-467Using the Java Service Wrapper with the root fabric container appears to prevent child containers from creating a log
FABRIC-474Zookeeper session leak causing system to be unusable
FABRIC-476container-create-ssh command hangs w/ Windows, Kerberos authentication and versions of sshd-core > 0.6
FABRIC-477In some edge cases profiles are getting lost
FABRIC-480Fabric ensemble-password command mentions non-existent command ensemble-create in it's help which should be removed.
FABRIC-481Profile delete, will only delete the profile, but will not remove it from any container it has been assigned
FABRIC-485a-mq disto repeatedly logging ZK connection errors but is not part of a Fabric cluster.
FABRIC-486[a-mq distro] Exceptions during 'fabric:create -p fmc'
FABRIC-487inconsistent fabric:container-create-child behaviour
FABRIC-488Seeing repeated 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: Committed' errors after running 'fabric:create -p fmc' in the 'a-mq'distro
FABRIC-489Can not change the Jetty port with fabric (activemq web console displays 404)
FABRIC-490Creating remote containers may hung forever
FABRIC-492Fabric only installs the latest version of a feature
FABRIC-493Fabric will hung of a long time if it tries to update core parts of itself
FABRIC-497fabric:profile-refresh does not work as expected.
FABRIC-503ClassCastException: sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader cannot be cast to org.osgi.framework.BundleReference
FABRIC-531Fabric cloud firewall management is broken
FABRIC-532Provide a way to distinguish between out-of-the-box profiles and user created profiles
FABRIC-539PaxExam based fabric tests don't write meaningful karaf.log
FABRIC-545profile-edit --import-pid should ignore file.install.filename property
FABRIC-548Uploading artifacts to the fabric maven proxy is broken
FABRIC-550Fabric DOSGi is broken
FABRIC-551Unable to provision container using a single profile when using the warref protocol
FABRIC-552adding a "--force" option to the start/stop container command in case mismatch between JVM lifecycle and container lifecyle
FABRIC-555Messaging crashes VM by creating large number of threads
FABRIC-559CreationStateListener is ignore in all container options classes.
FABRIC-561can't start fabric-core-agent-ssh bundle due to miss OSGi service org.fusesource.fabric.api.FabricService
FABRIC-564Webapp and Servlet registered URLs should respect resolver changes.
FABRIC-565The Zookeeper Login Module should not be activate if fabric is not ready.
FABRIC-566Shell is restarted after fabric:create and also installing some features
FABRIC-567Can't create fabric on AIX7 server
FABRIC-568profile "karaf" binds jolokia to 8080 port
FABRIC-569Fuse Fabric silently drops DOSGi messages
FABRIC-570Align zookeeper acls with curator
FABRIC-572Some profiles fail to provision; eg example-camel-fabric
FABRIC-573Fabric allows for a remote root container to be deleted even if child containers exist
FABRIC-575fabric:profile-refresh causes NumberFormatException when connecting using a repo url that has username/password encoded.
FABRIC-576JMX domains don't seem to be updated after a container is created
FABRIC-577Container.isEnsembleServer() also returns true for containers that aren't running a zookeeper server
FABRIC-579Unable to start remote child containers after the remote root container has been patched
FABRIC-580Can't delete configuration files via the fabric API
FABRIC-581Can't change a profile's parents
FABRIC-583FuseMQ status is incorrectly reporting that MQ is running
FABRIC-585NPE when importing properties into Fabric using --properties flag
FABRIC-587Problem using the the profile:edit command and built in fabric editor
FABRIC-588Using fabric:ensemble-add (or ensemble-add) and removing is not always working
FABRIC-591fabric:create command does not validate the --profile option
FABRIC-593Provisioning a profile stalls at "Installing" state forever
FABRIC-594Camel Crypto Jars in Fabric
FABRIC-595Restore the separation of 'all' and 'release' profiles
FABRIC-598Re-deployment of jboss-fuse-full leads to OOM: Permgen
FABRIC-602Location of broker configuration not updated when creating a new profile version in Fabric
FABRIC-603profile-display output doesn't show all of the files
FABRIC-604SCR 1.8.0.redhat-610117 does not make its sources available
FABRIC-605fabric:create --clean is broken
FABRIC-607Zookeeper session leak causing system to be unusable (6.0 and 7.1 fix)
FABRIC-609Deadlock on OpenShift while accessing git
FABRIC-610Pax web does not start on managed containers on openshift
FABRIC-613No space left on device
FABRIC-618Fabric smoke tests create large nexus-maven-repository-index files in /tmp
FABRIC-626Calls to datastore setConfigurations will delete non property file configurations
FABRIC-627fabric:container-create-child no longer prompts for jmx credentials if there is an auth failure.
FABRIC-631fuse-deploy job may deploy invalid artefacts
FABRIC-632Cannot download scriptengines-jruby
FABRIC-633fabric:create takes long time - approximately 3-4 min
FABRIC-634getProfileFeatures() JMX API blocking indefinitely
FABRIC-635Build contains diverging versions of org.apache.felix.utils
FABRIC-650GitDataStore timing issues
FABRIC-651Remove JBoss A-MQ Fabric stuff from the default build
FABRIC-656profile-edit command doesn't properly support deleting pids and pid keys.
FABRIC-659Git DataStore sends more change notifications than it actually needs to.
FABRIC-693Component activation may expect Map<String, String> but gets Map<String, ?>
FABRIC-694Revisit ZooKeeperBootstrap handling
FABRIC-695Git server may fail to start due to scr issues.
FABRIC-696ZooKeeperGroup may leave behind zk entries completely breaking master election
FABRIC-697Adding containers to enselmble second time after removing it from ensemble is broken
FABRIC-699Http calls inside openshift get redirected to https or even to a different host
FABRIC-711fabric:cluster-list completer is not really helpful
FABRIC-713Cannot build fabric-openshift due to missing openshift-java-client
FABRIC-714Fuse ESB does not build with clean repository
FABRIC-744Can't access the git servlet
FABRIC-751TreeCache error when creating a container, unable to create any more containers afterwards
FABRIC-754Can't create child container via JMX
FABRIC-755Cannot provision child container reliably
FABRIC-767Comments are removed from fabric property files when a feature is added to the profile
FABRIC-772Restructure smoke tests to cover functional minimum
FABRIC-782Newly created apps in OpenShift don't connect to the fabric
FABRIC-785Occasionally not all blueprints installed from profile
FABRIC-787Logging out fuse-fabric - io.fabric8.api.scr.InvalidComponentException
FABRIC-790Provisioning failure when using profile:xxx references
FABRIC-792Regression on handling of missing profiles
FABRIC-793JBoss Fuse fails to build/run on jdk6
FABRIC-794(fabric:create -n) fabric is not exposing service URL visible in cluster-list
FABRIC-795java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in normalizePropertyName
FABRIC-802Erratic behaviour of the management console after creation in OpenShift
FABRIC-803Custom Repository configuration not picked up
FABRIC-804JMX user/password entered when creating new container has no effect
FABRIC-810Error starting container after creating it
FABRIC-811Delete container is a bit too easy
FABRIC-814PaxExam may run test before support bundles are installed
FABRIC-815Build fails because of missing hawtio-git-1.2-M-redhat-319
FABRIC-816Import with verbose output doesn't work
FABRIC-821perfectus build doesn't deploy quickstarts builds to nexus by default
FABRIC-822Cannot create child container repeatedly
FABRIC-823CreateEnsembleOptions do not support --clean option
FABRIC-824Default runtime properties not thread safe
FABRIC-825Invalid usage of ServiceProxy in test support classes
FABRIC-826Boot commands do not have abstract component semantics
FABRIC-848Invalid child container builder API
FABRIC-852Can't create fabric on windows server 2012 R2
FABRIC-858Fabric container - Can neither start nor stop it - The container is rouge
FABRIC-861version-delete returns a TODO, as does the fabric JMX API equivalent
FABRIC-863Creating child containers does not allow correct pax-web port
FABRIC-868Getting "No commit message" log statements when reverting a change in hawtio, even though a commit message is being set
FABRIC-869Creating fuse on openshift online does not work
FABRIC-870Fuse on OpenShift - Cannot stop containers
FABRIC-875fabric:crypt-password-set won't set password
FABRIC-876fabric:crypt-algorithm-set won't set algorithm
FABRIC-877ServiceLocator leaks ServiceListener
FABRIC-879Cannot connect to created ssh container with --ensemble-server option
FABRIC-882Fuse cannot login user on openshift
FABRIC-887Changing profile on container may cause fabric-git to fail and the container hangs in switching profile state
FABRIC-888Login data not available on fabric auto create
FABRIC-889Replace pom.version with project.version
FABRIC-890Error creating fabric on latest code from master
FABRIC-891Curator startup may fail with exception silently ignored
FABRIC-894Fabric fails to create because Git repository already exists
FABRIC-897Openshift Container Provider always points to the master branch of the cartridge
FABRIC-899Copy profile does not copy all files - such as other resources
FABRIC-907Boot commands do not respect RuntimeProperties
FABRIC-909ManagedCuratorFramework doesn't properly check when restart is required
FABRIC-928Inconsistency in DynamicReference
FABRIC-935Placeholder Resolvers may not be available in time
FABRIC-936Child container logs are not retained
FABRIC-937fabric8-maven-plugin fails to build on jdk6
FABRIC-942Fabric container provison status is "downloading" in an env without internet access
FABRIC-947Creating fabric in offline does not work
FABRIC-948Unable to provision fabric container in a clean offline environment
FABRIC-956Possible race when using fabric:join
FABRIC-957build 366 doesn't seem to work any more on windows
FABRIC-958Can't create Fabric on Windows (IPv6 issue)
FABRIC-959Password encryption causes race and inconsistent data
FABRIC-969fabric:version-delete command does not work
FABRIC-984updates to profile files are no longer reflected in running containers

Chapter 4. Enhancements

4.1. Messaging

Table 4.1, “Messaging Enhancements in 6.1” lists the enhancements in version 6.1.

Table 4.1. Messaging Enhancements in 6.1

ENTMQ-278Allow XAPooledConnectionFactory to be join an xa transaction - two connection factories in same arjuna jboss jta transaction
ENTMQ-291Improve mq-web-console style sheet - clash of background and forground text on list items
ENTMQ-307AMQP hardening
ENTMQ-323 Provide a way to see what the TTL is for a specific message
ENTMQ-324Please add statistics regarding messageSize
ENTMQ-345Move MQ integration tests under the MQ project.
ENTMQ-347Allow JCA bound connection factory to be used outside of managedConnection - apply spec configuration like brokerURL
ENTMQ-359Ability to determine the slowness of an ActiveMQ consumer
ENTMQ-369 Tell broker to use only space it thinks we have
ENTMQ-376Please default checksumJournalFiles to true
ENTMQ-391Add keep alive component to file locker
ENTMQ-392Allow auto broker restart on xml configuration change feature to be disabled
ENTMQ-393Allow wildcards in group definitions
ENTMQ-425Please improve the logging for AMQ JDBC store so that the SQL statements can be logged
ENTMQ-426Please provide a -port option on mqcreate
ENTMQ-427Please provide a way to encrypt configured webconsole passwords
ENTMQ-428Please make webconsole security role error more descriptive
ENTMQ-440rename activemq-broker feature to a-mq-broker to reflect the fabric dependency (or difference from activemq)
ENTMQ-487Make hawtio feature complete with web console
ENTMQ-179Package CMS/NMS in distro
ENTMQ-303Allow updates of broker configurations, without having to re-start the broker
ENTMQ-308JMS Client for AMQP
ENTMQ-348Certify LevelDB
ENTMQ-396Need a generic XA aware JMS ConnectionFactory that works with Aries TX manager
ENTMQ-351HawtIO web console branding
ENTMQ-403Run all FuseByExample demos against 6.1 kits
ENTMQ-419Fix mq/mq-itests
ENTMQ-456Package Clients into individual zips
ENTMQ-481Remove ActiveMQ web console from A-MQ 6.1 kits
ENTMQ-500ActiveMQ examples - Add repository to our repo so the examples can build
ENTMQ-519Upgrade to qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms 0.26
ENTMQ-535Ensure jms amqp client reports an exception on a transport failure
ENTMQ-265org.apache.activemq.transport.amqp.joram.JoramJmsTest hangs on several platforms
ENTMQ-297Why is it 3x slower with transactions?
ENTMQ-298How best to config system Usage memory limit and per destination memory limit?
ENTMQ-300network consumers get confused during high traffic volume with consumer re-connects
ENTMQ-373Messages consumed in a TX from AMQP client are not removed from the Queue
ENTMQ-469Bug 1011042 - MDB stops processing messages after failover from master to slave
ENTMQ-570[DOC] release note that jmx.restart is not production ready
ENTMQ-279RAR - support session enlistment on cached connection (so transaction created after createConnection but before createSession)
ENTMQ-396Need a generic XA aware JMS ConnectionFactory that works with Aries TX manager
AMQ-2180infinite networkTTL
AMQ-2429Show flow control being active on web console ...
AMQ-2932A little optimization to IdGenerator and a potential issue with the counter
AMQ-3388Http/https protocol uses Xstream for serializing commands in xml. Field additions to the commands bresks xtream serializacion between amq versions
AMQ-3779Allow logging broker plugin to use a log per destination
AMQ-4059activemq-web - Remove dependency on Camel
AMQ-4174Deleting/moving a message from queue overview should redirect back to overview of the queue
AMQ-4205Expose thread pool configuration
AMQ-4337Messages with AMQ_SCHEDULED_DELAY do not respect transactions
AMQ-4365Allow the Lease Locker to be used with out a JDBCPersistenceAdapter - so it can be a kahadb lock
AMQ-4433Socket parameters are not validated
AMQ-4438Add uptime to bstat output
AMQ-4473Allow enabling remote debug from newly created broker instance
AMQ-4482Suport systemUsage.memoryUsage.percentOfJvmHeap=70 option
AMQ-4488KahaDB should log a warning for recovered prepared XA Transactions on startup.
AMQ-4518Expired Message check being done when its not really needed [Performance Issue]
AMQ-4520Allow the bouncy castle security provider to be used if present in the lib dir.
AMQ-4522Allow setting timeToLive when sending messages using JMX
AMQ-4539make the networkTTL or brokerPath visible via jmx and via a message property
AMQ-4549The activemq-all and activemq-osgi modules should have proper uber sources.jar files too.
AMQ-4571Improve DestinationFilter to allow any filter to unsubscribe its wrapped destination from a durable subscruption
AMQ-4577log level used to say a message ack was ignored because the message is expired should be debug and not warn
AMQ-4584Allow configuration of a discarding dead letter strategy
AMQ-4593Upgrade Snappy Java
AMQ-4607network connectors - new messageTTL and consumerTTL - split usage of networkTTL for mesh topology
AMQ-4621Provide a polling SlowConsumerPolicy that uses LastAck time on a sub
AMQ-4637Add cause property to DLQ message that exceed redelivery policy, ref the policy
AMQ-4662KahaDB default checksumJournalFiles to true
AMQ-4668REST API only accepts non-form content if content type of text/xml
AMQ-4675Rest MessageServlet should set cache control header
AMQ-4689Allow for JobSchedulerStore implementations to be provided by the PersistenceAdapter
AMQ-4706Failover transport - Add option to configure WARN logging internval for failover attempts still failing
AMQ-4709Allow wildcards in Authorization plugin group definitions
AMQ-4721Update slf4j library to latest version (1.7.5 currently)
AMQ-4754Add connection counters at broker level
AMQ-4758Improve performance of pull consumers
AMQ-4787ActiveMQ web console welcome page should not be constrained
AMQ-4795Enable amqp transport out of the box in activemq-karaf
AMQ-4799Starting AMQ standalone - ws connector url/port not logged
AMQ-4801ActiveMQ web demo - chat example - Logs jetty IDLE ERROR 1st time
AMQ-4806'./bin/activemq console' should 'exec' java so that way scripts calling it can get the pid for the broker's java process.
AMQ-4819Reducing memory usage should log at INFO/WARN level instead of ERROR
AMQ-4821runtime config - add support for spring properties config with properties or bean factory
AMQ-4825ConnectionFactory and ActiveMQCamelComponent should default to the right port if on OpenShift
AMQ-4826Avoid unnecessary remainder operator for floating-point
AMQ-4831Average message size attribute on broker mbean should not have decimals
AMQ-4843runtime config - support addition of composite virtual destinations - forwardTo
AMQ-4844Provide more granular karaf features
AMQ-4849runtime config - support modifications to simpleAuthenticationPlugin plugin
AMQ-4852Show clientId view of duplex network connection Mbeans
AMQ-4856Change MIME type for XML in the REST API
AMQ-4881Align xbean and upgrade to 3.15
AMQ-4903ActiveMQ should depend to http feature instead of jetty
AMQ-4909OSGi granularity of activemq-osgi bundle
AMQ-4912StatisticsPlugin - destination stats should include broker info
AMQ-4916Add JMX stats for Consumers and Producers accessible from the Broker
AMQ-4926Extends activemq-karaf import version range to work with both Karaf 2 & 3
AMQ-4931Karaf commands should auto-export interfaces
AMQ-4947Reduce the reliance on fsync when writing to disk
AMQ-4969Update the JobSchedulerStoreImpl in KahaDB to use LockableServiceSupport
AMQ-4979Put back Jolokia management API
AMQ-4989Better protect worker thread in TcpTransportServer that handles socket accepts
AMQ-5005Eclipse build with latest Scala plugins fails
AMQ-5007Upgrade Proton to v0.6
AMQ-5011Statistics plugin doesn't fill in Message timestamp or priority
AMQ-5031Allow isSameRM override from broker identity to connection identity to avoid xa.join
AMQ-5049Set headless when running tests.
AMQ-5050Populate a 'Host' header in the WireFormatInfo of the Openwire protocol to let multi-tenant proxies route connections
AMQ-5076Pooled session creation blocks when maxActive is reached
AMQ-5078Typos in stomp/
AMQ-5091Upgrade to jolokia 1.2
AMQ-3024Scheduler should support non-Kaha persistence
AMQ-3097add Function calls to selectors
AMQ-3452add 'stop' goal to the maven-activemq-plugin
AMQ-3621Integrate Apache Shiro with ActiveMQ as "security solution"
AMQ-4175Adding a retry-button
AMQ-4188ActiveMQ Karaf Command for overview of queues alike what you see in the web console
AMQ-4483Improve DLQ handling
AMQ-4509activemq-maven-plugin should have a stop goal
AMQ-4526ActiveMQ should automatically restart if a Locker looses it's lock.
AMQ-4567JMX operations on broker bypass authorization plugin
AMQ-4574Add EndpointCompleter functionality to ActiveMQ Camel component
AMQ-4594Replace web console with hawtio
AMQ-4617Enable MQTT over WebSocket protocol
AMQ-4635Expose producer flow control statistics via JMX
AMQ-4682runtime configuration - allow selective application of changes to xml configuration without broker restart
AMQ-4690create a camel component for intercepting messages as they pass through the Broker
AMQ-4697Add the ability to show average message size per destination
AMQ-4718Extra options added to a failover/discovery URL that don't map to failover configuration settings, should get passed to the nested URLs.
AMQ-4723HTTP Discovery agent should only poll for broker URLs while attempting to connect a transport.
AMQ-4757Provide a generic jms XA connection pool
AMQ-4760Add dstat command to activemq karaf commands
AMQ-4766Expose Message Group maps via JMX
AMQ-4918Added JMX metics for networks per destination
AMQ-4946include activemq-jms-pool in activemq-all
AMQ-4968Add new mode to JMS Pool that allows for not caching producers
AMQ-4990Add support for the changes in MQTT 3.1.1
AMQ-5072Support configuring a different directory for the KahaDB index files.
AMQ-4251Scala compile warnings - Compiling activemq-leveldb-store
AMQ-4524Remove camel-jetty dep from project
AMQ-4552activemq-karaf - Should be able to install in Karaf 2.3
AMQ-4557Upgrade dependency to karaf 2.3.1
AMQ-4732maven : add IssueManagement declaration
AMQ-4733Upgrade to Jasypt 1.9.1
AMQ-4734Upgrade Jolokia to 1.1.3
AMQ-4745Upgrade to json-simple 1.1.1
AMQ-4749Upgrade to xerces 2.11.0
AMQ-4750WebConsole readme in assembly should be updated with hawtio details
AMQ-4751Upgrade to commons-io 2.4
AMQ-4752Upgrade to derby
AMQ-4780Upgrade to qpid 0.24
AMQ-4784Upgrade Jolokia to 1.1.4
AMQ-4803Examples - Update instructions due recent moving of files to new directory
AMQ-4816Update deprecated code in activemq-camel tests
AMQ-4839deprecated JMS streams
AMQ-4858Scala source file forgotten in /src/main/java
AMQ-4883Fusesource release repo not needed
AMQ-4885Typos in MessageStore
AMQ-5060Upgrade to xstream 1.4.7
AMQ-5064Update QPid client to v0.26
ENTESB-1220Update to RH built native libs
ENTMQ-500ActiveMQ examples - Add repository to our repo so the examples can build

4.2. Container

Table 4.2, “Container Enhancements in 6.1” lists the enhancements in version 6.1.

Table 4.2. Container Enhancements in 6.1

ARIES-1038be able to easily use Blueprint inside a WAR in any servlet container using blueprint-noosgi and a ServletContextListener to boot up all the blueprint XML files
ARIES-1069Publish a single interface for better integration of the TransactionManager with other low-level components
ARIES-1082Add a way to use property placeholders to define filters on service references
ARIES-998Support a subset of blueprint outside OSGi
FELIX-4316Packages imported dynamically should also be imported statically with an optional flag
FELIX-4317SCR implementation should avoid using bundleContext.getBundle()
FELIX-4339Make the use of escape characters deterministic
FELIX-4343[DS] rationalize log levels
FELIX-3997Provide an abstract bundle extender

4.3. Fuse Fabric

Table 4.3, “Fabric Enhancements in 6.1” lists the enhancements in version 6.1.

Table 4.3. Fabric Enhancements in 6.1

FABRIC-106Rename the following command "container-domains" to "container-jmx-domains"
FABRIC-346support git repos as the storage mechanism for Fabric configuration
FABRIC-375Provide encryption capabilities in Fabric Profiles and Fuse ESB configuration files
FABRIC-377 Create a command for profiles to pick up new versions
FABRIC-379Make Fabric Patch Process available via the CommandLine
FABRIC-389have a fabric-web agent so that any web app deployed into karaf is automatically registered into the ZooKeeper /fabric/clusters/web/:groupId/:artifactId/:version/:profile/:container URI
FABRIC-391Unable to create child container on remote root container using oracle JDK 7 on linux
FABRIC-410Should be able to specify multiple -p/--profile arguments to fabric:create
FABRIC-419Ability to Create Root Container on the Local Host
FABRIC-430camel-fabric should support to set the zookeeper client options from component level.
FABRIC-435RandomLoadBalanceStrategy should check the empty of alternateAddressList
FABRIC-438Add a simple lock service based on the zookeeper recipes
FABRIC-439Improve the way Fabric detects port usage by containers
FABRIC-445Fabric profile should allow renaming and copying of profile.
FABRIC-451Allow the zookeeper URL to bind to a specific address
FABRIC-452Replace the zookeeper client with curator.
FABRIC-453fabric:create should allow the user to be able to specify the initial git repo to use as the source of the configuration
FABRIC-455there seems to be a branch called 1.0-tmp left after using the fabric-git-zkbridge - can we delete it?
FABRIC-458Add caching to the zookeeper datastore
FABRIC-460Provide a way to report bluprint/spring context failures in fabric.
FABRIC-465Improve usability of profile import/export options
FABRIC-471Fabric should skip ephemeral nodes when copying entries between ensembles.
FABRIC-472FabricService and DataStore should provide means of untracking configuration
FABRIC-475Upgrade to jclouds 1.6.x
FABRIC-482Fabric doesn't allow remote host user/password to be changed once the container is created.
FABRIC-491Upagrade to the latest stable zookeeper version (3.4.5).
FABRIC-553Add a placeholder resolver for environment variables.
FABRIC-554Wait for placeholder resolvers before substitution
FABRIC-560Align the jclouds container provider with the rest of the container providers and use SCR.
FABRIC-563Provide a container placeholder resolver.
FABRIC-600fabric:create and fabric-ensemble-add/remove should provide more control over the zookeeper server configuration.
FABRIC-606Creating containers on openshift often fails
FABRIC-729Encryption placeholder resolver is not workable
FABRIC-750org.apache.zookeeper.server.PrepRequestProcessor logging is too noisy
FABRIC-789Creating fabric from CLI - Have some information that it takes a little while for the fabric to be ready
FABRIC-801In OpenShift, after instantiating the cartridge there is no link to the management console
FABRIC-161git mirror for fabric configuration
FABRIC-320Provision jetty using fabric
FABRIC-428add a profile URL handler so folks can load configuration files for their profile
FABRIC-429Abstract out profile storage
FABRIC-433support profiles which load their blueprint XML from inside the profile configuration (e.g. from git / ZK tree) - and then detect changes in the configuration and reload the services
FABRIC-434fabric-cxf FabricLoadBalancerFeature support to take effect on client after setting to bus
FABRIC-463Provide the ability to partition task and balance them accross containers
FABRIC-473Integrate Fabric with the Process Manager so that we can manage process on remote fabric containers
FABRIC-499Ability to specify Java version used by fabric container
FABRIC-500Add global resource repositories for resolution via the fabric-agent
FABRIC-501fabric/file-dozer-watcher - a component to watch dozer mappings file changes and sync that into a camel context type converter registry
FABRIC-525Add an openshift container provider implementation
FABRIC-526Provide an option to select which DEFAULT_VERSION we would like to use when we create the first time the Zookeeper server and load the profiles
FABRIC-562Add firewall management support of openstack based clouds.
FABRIC-508Fix fuse ignored tests
FABRIC-512Fix insight log4j SourceTest
FABRIC-517Fix tooling camel LocalCamelFacadeTest
FABRIC-519Fix duplicate jboss-fuse artifact-id
FABRIC-558Define and implement a policy on handling of zombie containers.
FABRIC-596Review fuse repository setup in the maven build
FABRIC-625Exclude tooling modules from the default build
FABRIC-629Remove dependency on blueprint from fabric-zookeeper
FABRIC-636Remove initial configuration for ZooKeeperClusterBootstrapImpl
FABRIC-652Make sure every ignored test references a jira
FABRIC-655Revisit DataStore handling
FABRIC-672Fix fabric basic ExampleCxfProfileTest
FABRIC-675Fix insight log PaxLoggingTest
FABRIC-691Fix fabric smoke tests
FABRIC-712Fix possible synchronization issues
FABRIC-723Update to apache-maven-3.1.1
FABRIC-775Split ESB test suite up in smoke, basic, extra
FABRIC-788WARN in log when creating child container
FABRIC-798Migrate boot commands to SCR
FABRIC-807WTF is the google map view for?
FABRIC-846Move ServiceProxy and ServiceLocator to fabric-api
FABRIC-874Bootstrap completion not properly defined
FABRIC-886Define stability criteria and fix remaining stability issues
FABRIC-966Define the scope of public API in 6.1
FABRIC-509Fix fabric groups GroupTest
FABRIC-510Fix fab/tests/fab-itests
FABRIC-528Fix fabric camel MasterEndpointFailoverTest
FABRIC-529Fix fabric core PatchServiceImplTest
FABRIC-535Fix fabric git CachingGitDataStoreTest
FABRIC-590Fix fabric basic GitBridgeTest
FABRIC-614Migrate upstream jobs to Jenkins
FABRIC-615Install GitHub Pull Request Plugin
FABRIC-616Enforce verify before commit rule
FABRIC-617Fix fab/fab-core tests
FABRIC-619Publish artefacts from the last successful master run to Nexus
FABRIC-621Fix mq smoke GracefullFailOverTest
FABRIC-628Review branches on fuse-fabric/fuse
FABRIC-637Fix fabric smoke AutoClusterStartupTest
FABRIC-638Fix fabric smoke ContainerRegistrationTest
FABRIC-639Fix fabric smoke ContainerStartupTest
FABRIC-640Fix fabric smoke ContainerUpgradeAndRollbackTest
FABRIC-641Fix fabric smoke CreateChildContainerTest
FABRIC-642Fix fabric smoke DeploymentAgentTest
FABRIC-643Fix fabric smoke EnsembleTest
FABRIC-644Fix fabric smoke FabricDosgiCamelTest
FABRIC-645Fix fabric smoke FabricMavenProxyTest
FABRIC-646Fix fabric smoke JoinTest
FABRIC-647Fix fabric smoke ProfileEditTest
FABRIC-648Fix fabric smoke ResolverTest
FABRIC-649Fix fabric smoke FabricCreateTest
FABRIC-654Monitor disk usage and provide automated cleanup
FABRIC-660Fix esb smoke DuplicateBundlesTest
FABRIC-661Fix esb smoke EsbExampleFeaturesTest
FABRIC-662Fix esb EsbFeaturesTest
FABRIC-663Fix fabric core ContainerImplTest
FABRIC-665Fix fabric basic JaasRealmTest
FABRIC-666Fix fabric basic SelfUpdateTest
FABRIC-667Fix fabric basic CamelProfileTest
FABRIC-668Fix fabric basic FabricCamelComponentTest
FABRIC-669Fix fabric basic EsbProfileTest
FABRIC-670Fix fabric basic ExampleCamelCxfTest
FABRIC-671Fix fabric basic ExampleCamelProfileTest
FABRIC-673Fix fabric basic ExampleMQProfileTest
FABRIC-676Fix tooling amq LocalBrokerFacadeTest
FABRIC-677Fix tooling camel ActiveMQLocalCamelFacadeTest
FABRIC-678Fix tooling camel ExternalRemoteCamelFacadeTest
FABRIC-679Fix tooling camel JmxTemplateRemoteCamelFacadeTest
FABRIC-680Fix tooling camel RemoteCamelFacadeTest
FABRIC-681Fix mq smoke KillSessionFailOverTest
FABRIC-682Fix mq smoke MQDistroTest
FABRIC-683Fix mq MQFabricTest
FABRIC-684Fix stream bridge ConnectionFactoryAdapterTest
FABRIC-689Fix fabric dosgi TransportFailureTest
FABRIC-690Allow failed builds to get rescheduled automatically
FABRIC-700Fix fabric basic ExtendedJoinTest
FABRIC-704Security vulnerability on Jenkins master/slaves
FABRIC-709Fix fabric dosgi InvocationTest
FABRIC-724Make sure perfectus updates get validated
FABRIC-725Stabilize -Pall profile build
FABRIC-727Fix fabric basic ProfileScalingTest
FABRIC-742Doc review - Fabric Guide - URL Handlers
FABRIC-777Fix fabric basic ExtendedCreateChildContainerTest
FABRIC-784Fix ExtendedEnsembleTest
FABRIC-796Fix esb basic EsbProfileRedeployTest
FABRIC-812Fix esb EsbProfileLongTest
FABRIC-847Fix fabric basic ExampleCamelClusterTest
FABRIC-903Fix ExtendedJoinTest
FABRIC-905Tests with child containers may fail due to provisioning issues
FABRIC-906Fix ExampleMQProfileTest
FABRIC-931Container fails to provision
FABRIC-939Container child2 failed to provision. Status: Exception:null
FABRIC-940Cannot create container in time
FABRIC-963Documentation - Add to release notes / known issues about starting Fuse on Windows with IP6 network issue

Chapter 5. Apache Dependencies

The following Apache projects are used in version 6.1:
Apache ActiveMQ
Red Hat JBoss Fuse includes Apache ActiveMQ 5.9
Apache Karaf
Red Hat JBoss Fuse includes Apache Karaf 2.3

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