Chapter 1. Debezium Overview

Red Hat Debezium is a distributed platform that captures database operations, creates data change event records for row-level operations, and streams change event records to Kafka topics. Red Hat Debezium is built on Apache Kafka and is deployed and integrated with AMQ Streams.

Debezium captures row-level changes to a database table and passes corresponding change events to AMQ Streams. Applications can read these change event streams and access the change events in the order in which they occurred.

Debezium has multiple uses, including:

  • Data replication
  • Updating caches and search indexes
  • Simplifying monolithic applications
  • Data integration
  • Enabling streaming queries

Debezium provides connectors (based on Kafka Connect) for the following common databases:

Debezium is the upstream community project for Red Hat Debezium.