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Chapter 2. Required custom resource upgrades

Debezium is a Kafka connector plugin that is deployed to an Apache Kafka cluster that runs on AMQ Streams on OpenShift. To prepare for OpenShift CRD v1, in the current version of AMQ Streams the required version of the custom resource definitions (CRD) API is now set to v1beta2. The v1beta2 version of the API replaces the previously supported v1beta1 and v1alpha1 API versions. Support for the v1alpha1 and v1beta1 API versions is now deprecated in AMQ Streams. Those earlier versions are now removed from most AMQ Streams custom resources, including the KafkaConnect and KafkaConnector resources that you use to configure Debezium connectors.

The CRDs that are based on the v1beta2 API version use the OpenAPI structural schema. Custom resources based on the superseded v1alpha1 or v1beta1 APIs do not support structural schemas, and are incompatible with the current version of AMQ Streams. Before you upgrade to AMQ Streams2021.q3, you must upgrade existing custom resources to use API version You can upgrade custom resources any time after you upgrade to AMQ Streams 1.7. You must complete the upgrade to the v1beta2 API before you upgrade to AMQ Streams2021.q3 or newer.

To facilitate the upgrade of CRDs and custom resources, AMQ Streams provides an API conversion tool that automatically upgrades them to a format that is compatible with {ApiVersion}. For more information about the tool and for the complete instructions about how to upgrade AMQ Streams, see NameDeployStreamsOpenShift.


The requirement to update custom resources applies only to Debezium deployments that run on AMQ Streams on OpenShift. The requirement does not apply to Debezium on Red Hat Enterprise Linux