Chapter 1. Installing the Red Hat Integration Operator

Red Hat Integration is a comprehensive set of integration and event processing technologies for creating, extending, and deploying container-based integration services across hybrid and multicloud environments. Red Hat Integration provides an agile, distributed, and API-centric solution that organizations can use to connect and share data between applications and systems in a digital world.

Red Hat Integration Operator allows you to choose and install the Operators that manage your Red Hat Integration components.

1.1. Installing the Red Hat Integration Operator using the OLM

Use the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) to install the Red Hat Integration Operator on an OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster through the OperatorHub in the OCP console.


When using OCP on a restricted network or a disconnected cluster, OLM can no longer use the OperatorHub. Follow the instructions for setting up and using the OLM in Using Operator Lifecycle Manager on restricted networks.


  • Access to an OpenShift Container Platform cluster (4.6 and later) using an account with cluster-admin permissions. Users with cluster-admin (or equivalent) super user permissions can perform any action in a project.


  1. In the OpenShift Container Platform console, log in using an account with administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to OperatorsOperatorHub.
  3. Select the Red Hat Integration Operator.
  4. Check the Operator details and click Install. The provider type is Red Hat.
  5. On the Install Operator page, accept all of the default selections and click Install.


    The default is to make the Operator available cluster-wide, but you can deploy to a specific namespace, if required.

    The integration-operator details page is displayed, where you can see the Subscription Overview.

  6. When the images have downloaded, and the install status is shown as ready to use, click View Operator.
  7. Check that status of the ClusterServiceVersion (CSV) details is shown as Succeeded for the namespace or all namespaces.

    The Red Hat Integration Operator is ready for installing Operators for Red Hat Integration components.