Chapter 1. Overview of Red Hat Integration components

For developing and deploying REST APIs, you can use these Red Hat Integration components:

Fuse Online
Red Hat Fuse is a distributed, cloud-native integration platform. Fuse Online is Red Hat’s web-based Fuse distribution. It is pre-installed on the OpenShift Online Professional tier. You can also install it on an OpenShift (on-premise) cluster. Fuse Online is for business users who prefer minimal code development.
API Designer
Red Hat provides a lightweight version of the API designer. You can use it to create API definitions in OpenAPI (Swagger) format. You can access the API Designer from within the Fuse Online API provider.
3scale API Management
Red Hat 3scale API Management manages security, performance, control, and monetization for your APIs.

For more details, see Developing and Deploying API Provider Integrations.