Chapter 2. Configuring basic authentication

Insights client configuration is managed in /etc/insights-client/insights-client.conf. This file provides a configuration template for setting up basic authentication. The default configuration for certificate-based authentication is as follows:

username=<your customer portal username>
password=<your customer portal password>


  • You have a Red Hat SSO username and SSO password that can be stored in clear text.
  • You have read/write permissions in the directory /etc/insights-client/.
  • The insights-client package is installed on your system.


  1. Use a text editor to open the file /etc/insights-client/insights-client.conf
  2. Change auto_config=TRUE value to auto_config=FALSE.
  3. Replace <your customer portal username> with a Red Hat SSO username.
  4. Replace <your customer portal password> with a Red Hat SSO password.
  5. Save the configuration and exit the editor.
  6. Register the system.

    # insights-client --register