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Chapter 4. May 2022

4.1. Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

4.1.1. Advisor

Export of systems impacted by a recommendation

When viewing the details of an advisor recommendation, you can click the Export data icon to download a list of systems impacted by that recommendation. The list is available in CSV and JSON formats.

Ten new advisor recommendations

The advisor service released ten new recommendations. A few recommendations to note are:

  • IBM Power system experiences low reliability and availability with unsupported RHEL release--detecting unsupported RHEL version on IBM Power system
  • IBM Power systems experience low reliability and availability with a firmware which is End of Service Pack Support (EoSPS)--detecting unsupported firmware on IBM Power systems.
  • The postgresql database performance decreases when the tuned best practices are not applied--to assist with applying tuned profile when running PostgreSQL DB.
  • Systems will experience low reliability and availability with unmaintained or disabled hardware devices--to alert when using deprecated and/or unmaintained hardware.

4.1.2. Compliance

Alerts and Notifications

The compliance service now supports the ability to receive alerts and notifications, which are sent when certain conditions are met. This functionality includes the ability to be notified when systems fall below a specific compliance threshold or when they fail to report. This feature makes it easier for you to keep track of both your compliance status and program. Set these new alerts in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console > Settings > Notifications > Red Hat Enterprise Linux menu.

4.1.3. Drift

Drift dashboard updates

  • You no longer have the option to get 90 days of event history.
  • The dashboard now contains an announcement message encouraging the setup of baselines notifications.

4.1.4. Inventory

Inventory filters and indicators for systems without the Insights-client installed

Filter your inventory to show systems with, or without, the Insights client installed. Systems without the Insights client installed display a visual indicator, image showing transmission with a overlaid diagonal line to indicate disconnected systems , making it easier to identify and install the Insights client on those systems.

Global filtering for Ansible Automation Platform and Microsoft SQL Server

Red Hat Insights now provides support for global filtering of two additional workloads: Ansible Automation Platform and Microsoft SQL Server. This support enhances the existing SAP workload capabilities released in 2021. You can access these workloads under the “Filter by Status” functionality located in the top bar.

4.1.5. Notifications and integrations

Set User Access groups as recipients of email notifications

You can now use custom User Access groups on your account as recipients for email notifications. In addition to the option of sending the notifications to just administrators, or to all members of the group, the recipient list for email notifications can include User Access groups and target a specific list of users, as defined in User Access for your account. Notifications administrators can now create and assign targeted Behavior Groups based on their User Access configuration.

Additional upgrades

  • New events from the compliance service are now handled (see the Compliance section above)
  • Filtering by Action Type and Action Status are now available in the event log.
  • Filtering by Application in event log now allows you to collapse or expand the subcontents.

4.1.6. Patch

Patch sets available in beta

With the beta release of patch sets, you can show the patch status for your systems, up to the date that matches your organization’s patching policy. Patch sets do not affect yum/dnf operations on the system, but they allow you to refine your patch-status reporting in Red Hat Insights and can be used to create remediation playbooks for simple patch cycles.

You can access the beta release of patch sets at Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console > Red Hat Enterprise Linux > Red Hat Insights > Patch > Patch Set.

4.1.7. Policies

Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) facts autocompletion in conditions builder

Microsoft SQL Server facts that are collected as part of a system profile are now shown in policies and can be used to create conditions and send notifications about MSSQL workloads.

4.1.8. Resource optimization

Access to the resource optimization service is now available on the Red Hat Insights dashboard

The resource optimization service is now available on the Insights overview dashboard. You can locate, access, and get started with the resource optimization service much easier.

RHEL version displayed in two new ways

The operating system (OS) version is now displayed in the system list and system details views, where it can be sorted and filtered. OS information is also available from the API.

4.1.9. Vulnerability

New dashbar in CVE list view

The vulnerability service has a new feature called the dashbar which appears at the top of the CVEs page. The dashbar aims to help prioritize and navigate findings easier by showing the number of, and links to, CVEs that are typically associated with higher risk to your enterprise. You have easier visibility and access to CVEs with:

  • known exploits
  • security rules
  • critical severity
  • important severity

The dashbar will also contain alerts about high-priority CVEs, when needed to increase visibility and awareness of a CVE’s potential threat.