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Chapter 10. Creating a diagnostic log for support

You can create a diagnostic log to share with the support team.


  1. Enter the insights-client command with the --support option.

    [root@insights]# insights-client --support

    The command displays informational messages while creating the support file.

    Collecting logs...
    Insights version: insights-core-3.0.121-1
    Registration check:
    status: True
    unreachable: False
    . . . .
    Copying Insights logs to archive...
    Support information collected in /var/tmp/H_Y43a/insights-client-logs-20190927144011.tar.gz
  2. Navigate to the collection directory as shown in the Support information collected in message.

    [root@insights]# cd /var/tmp/H_Y43a
  3. Unpack the compressed tar.gz file.

    [root@insights]# tar -xzf insights-client-logs-20190927144011.tar.gz

    The result will be a new directory containing the files. You can share the tar.gz file with the support team if requested.