Chapter 1. Configuration overview

To remediate issues across your Satellite infrastructure, complete the following steps:


  • Remediations Cloud Connector requires a Red Hat Smart Management subscription.
  • Satellite must be version 6.7 or later.
  • You must have permissions to create and execute playbooks from the Red Hat Insights Remediations service.
  • Import a Subscription Manifest into Satellite. Only hosts in organizations with a valid Red Hat certificate can be connected to For more information, see Importing a Subscription Manifest into Satellite Server in the Red Hat Satellite Content Management Guide.
  • Register your hosts to Satellite using an activation key to attach Red Hat subscriptions. For more information, see Registering Hosts in the Red Hat Satellite Managing Hosts guide.
  • Enable remote execution on your hosts so that Satellite can run remediation playbooks on them. For more information, see Distributing SSH Keys for Remote Execution in the Red Hat Satellite Managing Hosts guide.