Chapter 2. Viewing your results

System and infrastructure results can be viewed in the console.

The Overview provides a view of current risks to your infrastructure. From this starting point, you can investigate how a specific rule is affecting your systems, or take a system-based approach and see all the rules that pose risk to a selected system.


  1. Select Rule hits by severity to view rules by the Total Risk they pose to your infrastructure.


  2. Select Rule hits by category to see the type of risk they pose to your infrastructure.
  3. Search for a specific rule by name, or scroll through the list of rules to see high-level information about risk, systems exposed, and availability of Ansible Playbook to automate the remediation.
  4. Click on a rule to see a description of the rule, learn more from relevant knowledgebase articles, and view a list of systems at risk.
  5. Click on a system to see specific information about detected issues and steps to resolve the issue.