Chapter 4. Exporting vulnerability data as JSON, CSV, or PDF file

The vulnerability service enables you to export data for CVEs on systems in your RHEL infrastructure. After applying filters in the vulnerability service to view a specific set of CVEs or systems, you can export data based on those criteria.

These reports are accessible through the Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Enterprise Linux application and can be exported and downloaded as .csv, .json, or PDF files.

4.1. Exporting CVE data from the vulnerability service

Perform the following steps to export select data from the vulnerability service.


  1. Navigate to the Security > Vulnerability > CVEs page and log in if necessary.
  2. Apply filters and use the sorting functionality at the top of each column to locate specific CVEs.
  3. Above the list of CVEs and to the right of the Filters menu, click the Export icon, img insights export icon , and select Export to JSON, Export to CSV, or Export as PDF based on your download preferences.
  4. Select a download location and click Save.