Chapter 5. Downloading PDF policy reports

The Insights for Red Hat Enterprise Linux compliance service enables you to create PDF reports for individual policies to share with stakeholders, such as your compliance team or auditors.

Reports include the following information:

  • Policy details: policy type, operation system, compliance threshold, and business objective.
  • Percentage of systems in compliance with the policy.
  • Numbers of non-compliant and compliant systems.
  • Non-compliant system information. You can select to include compliant systems when creating the report.
  • List of top 10 failed rules: the most severe failed rules, along with the greatest number of failed systems for each rule, are ranked at the top.

5.1. Creating a PDF report for a policy

Perform the following steps to download a PDF report for a security policy.


  • You must be logged in to the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.
  • Policy reports are point-in-time reporting. Red Hat recommends uploading your latest system data to Insights for Red Hat Enterprise Linux before creating a policy report in the compliance service.


  1. Optionally run insights-client --compliance on your systems to scan them and upload current data to the compliance service.
  2. Navigate to Security > Compliance > Reports.
  3. Locate the policy for which to create the report.
  4. Click the download icon img compl reports download icon on the far right of the same row as the policy name.


    You can also click on the policy name and click Download PDF in the upper right of the page.

  5. In the Compliance report modal dialog, make selections for system data to include.
  6. Make selections for rule data to include.
  7. Optionally, add user notes.
  8. Click Export report.