Chapter 5. Troubleshooting

If errors occur for reasons unrelated to the infrastructure mapping or migration plan, you can retry the migration plan.

If the cause of the failed migration is not clear, see Section 5.2, “Logs” and Section 5.3, “Common Issues and Mistakes”.

5.1. Retrying a Migration Plan

If one or more virtual machines in a migration plan fails to migrate, the migration plan’s status is Failed. After resolving the issue that caused the migration failure, you can retry the migration plan:

  1. Click the migration plan to go to the details page to identify the virtual machines that failed to migrate.
  2. If the migration failed while virtual machines were being converted:

    1. Delete newly created target virtual machines to avoid name conflicts with source virtual machines.
    2. Delete newly created disks in the target datastore to free up space.
  3. Click ComputeMigration, select Failed Migrations, select the failed migration plan, and click Retry.

5.2. Logs

If a migration plan fails and you are not sure of the cause, check the following logs:

  • CloudForms migration log: /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/automation.log
  • Conversion host logs: /var/log/vdsm/import/
  • Virtual machine migration log: Click ComputeMigrate, click the migration plan name, and click Download Log.

    Migrated Virtual Machine Logs

    Migrated VM details

5.3. Common Issues and Mistakes

Infrastructure mapping is missing datastores or clusters
If you create an infrastructure mapping and subsequently add or remove providers or provider objects, the infrastructure mapping displays Datastores missing or Clusters missing error messages because the object IDs of the providers and their objects have changed. You must delete the infrastructure mapping and re-create it.
Infrastructure mapping is missing networks

If the infrastructure mapping displays a Networks missing error message, you must authenticate the RHV conversion hosts and create a new infrastructure mapping.

Mapping missing network

Migration plan does not discover virtual machines
If you are migrating previously migrated virtual machines, the migration plan cannot discover them because they are marked in the CloudForms VMDB as migrated. You must remigrate the virtual machines.
Incorrect attributes in the virtual machine CSV import file
Correct the CSV file, create a new migration plan, import the updated CSV file, and run the migration plan.
Migration fails immediately
If a migration fails immediately, before the progress bar is displayed, this is often caused by a configuration error in the environment. Check the automation.log file on the CloudForms appliance to determine the cause. When the cause has been resolved, you can retry the migration plan.
Migration fails during virtual machine conversion
If a migration fails while the virtual machines are being converted (the progress bar updates), click the migration plan to go to the details page, and download the conversion log for the virtual machine(s) that failed to migrate. When the cause of the failed migration has been resolved, you can retry the migration plan.
SSH transformation fails

If you are using SSSD with single sign-on for RHV, SSH fails for the vdsm account.

Reinstall ipa-client without configuring the OpenSSH client:

# ipa-client-install --uninstall
# ipa-client-install --no-ssh

Changing the configuration file is not recommended because it is restored during upgrades. See BZ#1544379 for details.