Appendix A. Fencing Policies for Red Hat Gluster Storage

The following fencing policies are required for Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization (RHHI for Virtualization) deployments. They ensure that hosts are not shut down in situations where brick processes are still running, or when shutting down the host would remove the volume’s ability to reach a quorum.

These policies can be set in the New Cluster or Edit Cluster window in the Administration Portal when Red Hat Gluster Storage functionality is enabled.

Skip fencing if gluster bricks are up
Fencing is skipped if bricks are running and can be reached from other peers.
Skip fencing if gluster quorum not met
Fencing is skipped if bricks are running and shutting down the host will cause loss of quorum

These policies are checked after all other fencing policies when determining whether a node is fenced.

Additional fencing policies may be useful for your deployment. For further details about fencing, see the Red Hat Virtualization Technical Reference: