Chapter 7. Verify your deployment

After deployment is complete, verify that your deployment has completed successfully.

  1. Browse to the Administration Portal, for example,

    Administration Console Login

    Login page for the Administration Console

  2. Log in using the administrative credentials added during hosted engine deployment.

    When login is successful, the Dashboard appears.

    Administration Console Dashboard

    Administration Console Dashboard

  3. Verify that your cluster is available.

    Administration Console Dashboard - Clusters

    The cluster widget with one cluster showing

  4. Verify that one host is available.

    The hosts widget with one host showing

    1. Click ComputeHosts.
    2. Verify that your host is listed with a Status of Up.
  5. Verify that all storage domains are available.

    1. Click StorageDomains.
    2. Verify that the Active icon is shown in the first column.

      Administration Console - Storage Domains

      Administration Console storage domain dashboard