Chapter 1. Ansible based deployment workflow

You can use Ansible to deploy Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization without needing to watch and tend to the deployment process.


This deployment method is provided as a Technology Preview.

Technology Preview features are provided with a limited support scope, as detailed on the Customer Portal: Technology Preview Features Support Scope.

The workflow for deploying RHHI for Virtualization using Ansible is as follows.

  1. Verify that your planned deployment meets the requirements: Support requirements
  2. Install the physical machines that will act as hyperconverged hosts: Installing host physical machines
  3. Configure key-based SSH authentication without a password to allow automatic host configuration: Configuring public key based SSH authentication without a password
  4. Edit the variable file with details of your environment: Setting deployment variables
  5. Execute the Ansible playbook to deploy RHHI for Virtualization: Executing the deployment playbook
  6. Verify your deployment.