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Chapter 5. Notable Bug Fixes

This section describes bugs fixed in this release of Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Cloud that have significant impact on users. In addition, it includes descriptions fixed known issues from previous versions.

The subscription-manager Would Incorrectly Report that the ceph-osd Package was Still Installed

Previously, when removing the ceph-osd package from the overcloud nodes, the corresponding Ceph product key was not removed. Therefore, the subscription-manager would incorrectly report that the ceph-osd package was still installed. The script that handles the removing of the ceph-osd package now also removes the corresponding Ceph product key. The script that removes the ceph-osd package and product key executes only during the overcloud update procedure. As a result, subscription-manager list no longer reports the Ceph OSD as is installed.


Updated the ceph-disk Unit Files

Previously, the transition to containerized Ceph left some "ceph-disk" unit files. The files were harmless, but appeared as failing, which could be distressing to the operator. With this update, executing the "switch-from-non-containerized-to-containerized-ceph-daemons.yml" playbook disables the "ceph-disk" unit files too.