Chapter 4. Updating your Red Hat account information

You use your Red Hat account to log in to the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console. The following table lists information that you can update on your Red Hat account:

Table 4.1. Red Hat account information



Update personal information including your name, email address, job title, and phone numbers.

Login & password

Change your password and manage accounts connected to your company’s single sign-on (SSO). Note that you cannot change your Red Hat login after it has been created.

Postal address

Update your mailing address.

Language and location

Change your preferred language and time zone.

Errata notifications

Control which errata notifications you receive and when you receive them. Errata notifications are email notifications of security updates, bug fixes, and enhancements.


  • You are logged in to the Hybrid Cloud Console.


  1. To update your Red Hat account information, click your user avatar in the upper right of the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console window. A drop-down list appears.
  2. Click My profile.
  3. Select a label under Your information or Your preferences.
  4. Update your information and then click Save.