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5.2. Removing Servers from the Trusted Storage Pool

Run gluster peer detach server to remove a server from the storage pool.

Removing One Server from the Trusted Storage Pool

Remove one server from the Trusted Storage Pool, and check the peer status of the storage pool.


  • The glusterd service must be running on the server targeted for removal from the storage pool. See Chapter 4, The glusterd Service for service start and stop commands.
  • The host names of the target servers must be resolvable by DNS.
  1. Run gluster peer detach [server] to remove the server from the trusted storage pool.
    # gluster peer detach server4
    Detach successful
  2. Verify the peer status from all servers using the following command:
    # gluster peer status
    Number of Peers: 2
    Hostname: server2
    Uuid: 5e987bda-16dd-43c2-835b-08b7d55e94e5
    State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)
    Hostname: server3
    Uuid: 1e0ca3aa-9ef7-4f66-8f15-cbc348f29ff7