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10.7. Creating a Snapshot of Geo-replicated Volume

The Red Hat Storage Snapshot feature enables you to create point-in-time copies of Red Hat Storage volumes, which you can use to protect data. You can create snapshots of Geo-replicated volumes.
For information on prerequisites, creating, and restoring snapshots of geo-replicated volume, see Chapter 12, Managing Snapshots. Creation of a snapshot when geo-replication session is live is not supported and creation of snapshot in this scenario will display the following error:
# gluster snapshot create snap1 master
snapshot create: failed: geo-replication session is running for the volume master. Session needs to be stopped before taking a snapshot.
Snapshot command failed
You must ensure to pause the geo-replication session before creating snapshot and resume geo-replication session after creating the snapshot. Information on restoring geo-replicated volume is also available in the Managing Snapshots chapter.