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Chapter 7. Accessing Data - Setting Up Clients

Red Hat Storage volumes can be accessed using a number of technologies:
Cross Protocol Data Access

Although a Red Hat Storage trusted pool can be configured to support multiple protocols simultaneously, a single volume cannot be freely accessed by different protocols due to differences in locking semantics. The table below defines which protocols can safely access the same volume concurrently.

Table 7.1. Cross Protocol Data Access Matrix

  SMB NFS Native Client Object
SMB Yes No No No
NFS No Yes Yes Yes
Native Client No Yes Yes Yes
Object No Yes Yes Yes

7.1. Securing Red Hat Storage Client Access

Red Hat Storage Server uses the listed ports. Ensure that firewall settings do not prevent access to these ports.

Table 7.2. TCP Port Numbers

Port Number Usage
22 For sshd used by geo-replication.
111 For rpc port mapper.
139 For netbios service.
445 For CIFS protocol.
965 For NLM.
2049 For glusterFS's NFS exports (nfsd process).
24007 For glusterd (for management).
24008 For glusterd (RDMA port for management)
24009 - 24108 For client communication with Red Hat Storage 2.0.
38465 For NFS mount protocol.
38466 For NFS mount protocol.
38468 For NFS's Lock Manager (NLM).
38469 For NFS's ACL support.
39543 For oVirt (Red Hat Storage-Console).
49152 - 49251 For client communication with Red Hat Storage 2.1 and for brick processes depending on the availability of the ports. The total number of ports required to be open depends on the total number of bricks exported on the machine.
55863 For oVirt (Red Hat Storage-Console).

Table 7.3. TCP Port Numbers used for Object Storage (Swift)

Port Number Usage
443 For HTTPS request.
6010 For Object Server.
6011 For Container Server.
6012 For Account Server.
8080 For Proxy Server.

Table 7.4. TCP Port Numbers for Nagios Monitoring

Port Number Usage
80 For HTTP protocol (required only if Nagios server is running on a Red Hat Storage node).
443 For HTTPS protocol (required only for Nagios server).
5667 For NSCA service (required only if Nagios server is running on a Red Hat Storage node).
5666 For NRPE service (required in all Red Hat Storage nodes).

Table 7.5. UDP Port Numbers

Port Number Usage
111 For RPC Bind.
963 For NFS's Lock Manager (NLM).