Chapter 4. Upgrading Red Hat Gluster Storage Web Administration

4.1. Red Hat Gluster Storage Web Administration 3.4 to 3.5

This chapter describes the procedure to upgrade Web Administration to version 3.5 from previous versions.

To upgrade your Web Administration environment to version 3.5, execute the following actions on the Gluster nodes and the Web Administration server:

On Gluster storage nodes

  1. Stop and disable all Web Administration services on storage nodes.
  2. Enable the Ansible repository and ensure the other required repositories are enabled.
  3. Upgrade Red Hat Gluster Storage to version 3.5.

On Web Administration Server

  1. Upgrade Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the Web Administration Server.
  2. Import the Gluster 3.5 cluster.

On Gluster storage nodes

Stopping and disabling Web Administration Services

Stop and disable the following services on the storage nodes by executing the commands given below.

To stop and disable the tendrl-node-agent service:

# systemctl stop tendrl-node-agent
# systemctl disable tendrl-node-agent

To stop and disable the collectd service:

# systemctl stop collectd
# systemctl disable collectd

To stop and disable the tendrl-gluster-integration service:

# systemctl stop tendrl-gluster-integration
# systemctl disable tendrl-gluster-integration

The tendrl-node-agent service is enabled and started during execution of the tendrl-ansible site.yml playbook. The collectd and tendrl-gluster-integration services are enabled and started after importing a cluster into the Web Administration environment.

Enabling Web Administration Repositories

Enable the Ansible repository by running the following command:

# subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-ansible-2-rpms

Additionally, ensure that the other required Web Administration repositories are enabled. Run the following command to check if all the required repositories are enabled:

# yum repolist

To check the required repositories, see the Prerequisites section of the Quick Start Guide.

After the repositories are enabled, clear yum cache:

# yum clean all

Upgrading Red Hat Gluster Storage

After enabling the required repositories, upgrade your Red Hat Gluster Storage environment to 3.5. For detailed upgrade instructions, see the Upgrading to Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.5 chapter in the Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.5 Installation Guide. After a successful upgrade, resume the following steps.

On Web Administration server

  1. Stop all Web Administration services:

    1. To stop the tendrl-monitoring-integration service:

      # systemctl stop tendrl-monitoring-integration
    2. To stop the tendrl-node-agent service:

      # systemctl stop tendrl-node-agent
    3. To stop the tendrl-notifier service:

      # systemctl stop tendrl-notifier
    4. To stop the tendrl-api service:

      # systemctl stop tendrl-api
    5. To stop the etcd service:

      # systemctl stop etcd
    6. To stop the carbon-cache service:

      # systemctl stop carbon-cache
  2. Update all packages on the Web Administration server:

    # yum update
  3. Run the tendrl-upgrade script:

    # tendrl-upgrade
  4. Run the tendrl-ansible playbooks with the same initial installation configuration. For instructions, see section Web Administration Installation, steps 2 to 9.
  5. If updates to the kernel package occurred, reboot the server system. If not, restart the Web Administration services:

    # systemctl restart httpd
    # systemctl restart etcd
    # systemctl restart carbon-cache
    # systemctl restart tendrl-node-agent
    # systemctl restart tendrl-monitoring-integration
    # systemctl restart tendrl-notifier
    # systemctl restart tendrl-api

After upgrading, import the Gluster 3.5 cluster in the Web Administration environment. For detailed import procedure, see the Import Cluster chapter of the Web Administration 3.5 Monitoring Guide.