Chapter 1. Overview

Red Hat Gluster Storage Web Administration provides monitoring and metrics infrastructure for Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.5 and is the primary method to monitor your Red Hat Gluster Storage environment. The Red Hat Gluster Storage Web Administration environment is based on the Tendrl upstream project and utilizes Ansible automation for installation. The key goal of Red Hat Gluster Storage Web Administration is to provide deep metrics and visualization of Red Hat Storage Gluster clusters and the associated storage elements such as storage nodes, volumes, and bricks.

Key Features

  1. Monitoring dashboards for Clusters, Hosts, Volumes, and Bricks
  2. Top-level list views of Clusters, Hosts, and Volumes
  3. SNMPv3 Configuration and Alerting
  4. User Management
  5. Importing Gluster cluster

1.1. Web Administration System Concepts

The Red Hat Gluster Storage Web Administration environment consists of the following system components.

Web Administration Server

The Web Administration server system hosts the Web Administration user interface, the API and etcd. The Web Administration server is the system on which the Ansible installation process is run.

Red Hat Gluster Storage Node

The system on which Red Hat Gluster Storage is installed. Web Administration node agents are installed on the storage nodes.

Client System

Any external system that accesses the Web Administration user interface on a compatible web browser.

1.2. Web Administration Architecture

Figure 1.1. Web Administration Architecture

Gluster WA Architecture gimp

The components of the Web Administration architecture are described below:

Web Administration Server Components

  • Web Administration UI: the primary user interface for monitoring Red Hat Gluster Storage clusters.
  • Grafana Dashboard: a third party integrated dashboard that displays real-time metrics and monitoring data.
  • Monitoring Integration: service that enables monitoring and alerting via integration with external systems such as Graphite and Grafana.
  • Graphite Web Service: repository of (Gluster) telemetry data collected using collectd.
  • Carbon Service: set of services dealing with receiving data from collectors (collectd), replication and sharding, and interfacing with Grafana.
  • Whisper Database: database for storing time-series numeric metrics.
  • Web Administration API: the Web Administration northbound API.
  • etcd Key-value Store: central store that contains all the configuration state information for storage subsystems managed by Web Administration
  • Notifier: notification service that enables various types of notifications and alerts including SMTP and SNMP

Red Hat Gluster Storage Server Components

Red Hat Gluster Storage server is a system with Red Hat Gluster Storage installed. Multiple Red Hat Gluster Storage servers form a Red Hat Gluster Storage cluster. The components are as follows:

  • collectd Service: host-based system statistics collection daemon that gathers metrics from various sources such as the operating system, applications, log files and devices, Red Hat Gluster Storage clusters, etc.
  • Gluster Integration: component that fetches data from Red Hat Gluster Storage cluster to be sent to the Web Administration server.
  • Node Agent: takes care of node-specific flows and tasks to be performed.