11.5. Configuring Transport Types for a Volume

A volume can support one or more transport types for communication between clients and brick processes. There are three types of supported transport, which are, tcp, rdma, and tcp,rdma.
To change the supported transport types of a volume, follow the procedure:
  1. Unmount the volume on all the clients using the following command:
    # umount mount-point
  2. Stop the volumes using the following command:
    # gluster volume stop volname
  3. Warning

    Using RDMA as a transport protocol is considered deprecated in Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.5. Red Hat no longer recommends its use, and does not support it on new deployments and existing deployments that upgrade to Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.5.3.
    Change the transport type. For example, to enable both tcp and rdma execute the followimg command:
    # gluster volume set volname config.transport tcp,rdma OR tcp OR rdma
  4. Mount the volume on all the clients. For example, to mount using rdma transport, use the following command:
    # mount -t glusterfs -o transport=rdma server1:/test-volume /mnt/glusterfs