Chapter 2. Accessing Red Hat Gluster Storage using Amazon Web Services

Red Hat Gluster Storage for Public Cloud packages glusterFS as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for deploying scalable network attached storage (NAS) in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. This powerful storage server provides a highly available, scalable, virtualized, and centrally managed pool of storage for Amazon users. Red Hat Gluster Storage for Public Cloud provides highly available storage within AWS. Synchronous n-way replication across AWS Availability Zones provides high availability within an AWS Region. Asynchronous geo-replication provides continuous data replication to ensure high availability across AWS regions. The glusterFS global namespace capability aggregates disk and memory resources into a unified storage volume that is abstracted from the physical hardware.
The following diagram illustrates Amazon Web Services integration with Red Hat Gluster Storage:
Amazon Web Services integration Architecture

Figure 2.1. Amazon Web Services integration Architecture


The following features of Red Hat Gluster Storage Server are not supported on Amazon Web Services:
- Red Hat Gluster Storage Console and Nagios Monitoring
- NFS and CIFS High Availability

2.1. Accessing Red Hat Gluster Storage as an Amazon Machine Image

For information on obtaining access to Red Hat Gluster Storage as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), see