Chapter 3. Prerequisites

Before installing the Red Hat Gluster Storage Console, you must ensure that you meet all the prerequisites. To complete installation of the Red Hat Gluster Storage Console successfully, you must also be able to determine:
  1. The firewall rules, if any, present on the system. The default option is to allow the Console's setup script to configure the firewall automatically; this overwrites any existing settings. To integrate the existing settings with the firewall rules required by the Console, you must configure the firewall manually. If you choose to manually configure the firewall, the setup script provides a custom list of ports that need to be opened, based on the options selected during setup.
  2. The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the system on which the Console is to be installed. The default value is the system's current host name. The FQDN must be reachable from all the Red Hat Gluster Storage Nodes.
  3. The password you use to secure the Red Hat Gluster Storage Console administration account.
  4. The location of the database server to be used as the Console database. You can use the setup script to install and configure a local database server; this is the default setting. Alternatively, use an existing remote database server. This database must be created before the Console is configured. To use a remote database server you must know:
    • The host name of the system on which the remote database server exists.
    • The port on which the remote database server is listening. The default port is 5432.
    • That the uuid-ossp extension had been loaded by the remote database server.
    You must also know the name of the database, and the user name and password of a user that has permissions on the remote database server. The default name for both the database and the user is redhat.
  5. The organization name to use when creating the Console's security certificates. The default value is an automatically-detected domain-based name.