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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Gluster Storage

Chapter 6. Automating configuration

Automated installations are created by providing the rhsc-setup script with an answer file. An answer file contains answers to the questions asked by the rhsc-setup command.
  • To create an answer file, use the --generate-answer parameter to specify a path and file name with which to create the answer file. When this option is specified, the answers for the questions in the setup process are recorded in the answer file.
    # rhsc-setup --generate-answer=[ANSWER_FILE]
  • To use an answer file for a new installation, use the --config-append parameter to specify the path and file name of the answer file to be used. The rhsc-setup command will use the answers stored in the file to complete the installation.
    # rhsc-setup --config-append=[ANSWER_FILE]
    --config - replaces default system configuration.
    --config-append - appends configuration to existing system configuration.
Run rhsc-setup --help for a full list of parameters.