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Chapter 5. Managing Red Hat Gluster Storage Servers and Volumes using Red Hat Virtualization Manager

You can create and configure Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes using Red Hat Virtualization Manager 3.3 or later by creating a separate cluster with the Enable Gluster Service option enabled.


Red Hat Gluster Storage nodes must be managed in a separate cluster to Red Hat Virtualization hosts. If you want to configure combined management of virtualization hosts and storage servers, see the Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure documentation:
A volume is a logical collection of bricks where each brick is an export directory on a server in the trusted storage pool. Most of the management operations for Red Hat Gluster Storage happen on these volumes. You can use Red Hat Virtualization Manager to create and start new volumes featuring a single global namespace.


With the exception of the volume operations described in this section, all other Red Hat Gluster Storage functionalities must be executed from the command line.

5.1. Creating a Data Center

  1. Select the Data Centers resource tab to list all data centers in the results list.
  2. Click the New button to open the New Data Center window.
    New Data Center Window

    Figure 5.1. New Data Center Window

  3. Enter the Name and Description of the data center.
  4. Set Type to Shared from the drop-down menu.
    Set Quota Mode as Disabled.
  5. Click OK.
The new data center is added to the virtualization environment. It will remain Uninitialized until a cluster, host, and storage are configured.