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5.3. Adding Red Hat Gluster Storage Server to the Cluster

There are two ways to add hosts. You can either add new hosts or import the existing gluster configuration into a cluster.
  • To import an existing gluster configuration:
    1. Select Enable Gluster Service.
    2. Select Import existing gluster configuration. With this option you can import the existing Gluster configurations into a cluster.
    3. Provide the IP address of one of the hosts.
  • To add new hosts:
    1. Use the drop-down lists to select the Data Center and Host Cluster for the new host.
    2. Click OK.
      The new host displays in the list of hosts with a status of Installing. The host is activated and the status changes to Up automatically.
    You can manage the lifecycle of a volume using hook scripts. For more information, see chapter Managing Gluster Hooks in the Red Hat Gluster Storage Console Administration Guide


    To add multiple servers to a cluster, you must first add a Red Hat Gluster Storage server to the cluster. An error message appears if you add multiple servers in the first attempt.
    New Host window

    Figure 5.3. New Host window