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22.7. Deauthorizing a Client

To revoke the authorization of a client to access the Red Hat Gluster Storage trusted storage pool, perform the following:

Procedure 22.12. Removing an authorized client from the allowed list

  1. List currently authorized clients and servers

    $ gluster volume get VOLNAME auth.ssl-allow
    For example, the following command shows that there are three authorized servers and five authorized clients.
    $ gluster volume get sample_volname auth.ssl-allow
  2. Remove clients to deauthorize from the output

    For example, if you want to deauthorize client2 and client4, copy the string and remove those clients from the list.
  3. Set the new list of authorized clients and servers

    Set the value of auth.ssl-allow to your updated string.
    $ gluster volume set VOLNAME auth.ssl-allow <list_of_systems>
    For example, the updated list shows three servers and three clients.
    $ gluster volume set sample_volname auth.ssl-allow server1,server2,server3,client1,client3,client5