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4.2. Removing Servers from the Trusted Storage Pool


Before detaching a peer from the trusted storage pool, make sure that the clients are not using the node. If backup servers were not set at mount time using the backup-volfile-servers option, remount the volume on the client using the IP address or FQDN of another server in the trusted storage pool to avoid inconsistencies.
Run gluster peer detach server to remove a server from the storage pool.

Removing One Server from the Trusted Storage Pool

Remove one server from the Trusted Storage Pool, and check the peer status of the storage pool.


  1. Run gluster peer detach [server] to remove the server from the trusted storage pool.
    # gluster peer detach server4
    Detach successful
  2. Verify the peer status from all servers using the following command:
    # gluster peer status
    Number of Peers: 2
    Hostname: server2
    Uuid: 5e987bda-16dd-43c2-835b-08b7d55e94e5
    State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)
    Hostname: server3
    Uuid: 1e0ca3aa-9ef7-4f66-8f15-cbc348f29ff7