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16.3. Tiering Limitations

The following limitations apply to the use Tiering feature:
  • Native client support for tiering is limited to Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.7, 6.8 and 7.x clients. Tiered volumes cannot be mounted by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x clients.
  • Tiering works only with cache friendly workloads. Attaching a tier volume to a cache unfriendly workload will lead to slow performance. In a cache friendly workload, most of the reads and writes are accessing a subset of the total amount of data. And, this subset fits on the hot tier. This subset should change only infrequently.
  • Tiering feature is supported only on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 based Red Hat Gluster Storage. Tiering feature is not supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 based Red Hat Gluster Storage.
  • Only Fuse and gluster-nfs access is supported. Server Message Block (SMB) and nfs-ganesha access to tiered volume is not supported.
  • Creating snapshot of a tiered volume is supported. Snapshot clones are not supported with the tiered volumes.
  • When you run tier detach commit or tier detach force, ongoing I/O operations may fail with a Transport endpoint is not connected error.
  • Files with hardlinks and softlinks are not migrated.
  • Files on which POSIX locks has been taken are not migrated until all locks are released.
  • Add brick, remove brick, and rebalance operations are not supported on the tiered volume. For information on expanding a tiered volume, see Section 11.7.1, “Expanding a Tiered Volume” and for information on shrinking a tiered volume, see Section 11.8.2, “Shrinking a Tiered Volume ”