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Appendix E. Gluster Block Storage as Backend for Logging and Metrics

Following section guides to configure Gluster Block Storage as the backend storage for logging and metrics


Block volume expansion is not supported in CNS 3.6. Administrators are required to do proper capacity planning while using Gluster Block as backend storage when using dynamic provisioning.

E.1. Prerequisites

Before setting gluster block storage as the backend for logging or metrics, check if the following prerequisites are met:
  • In the storageclass file, check if the default storage class is set to the storage class of gluster block. For example:
    # oc get storageclass
    NAME                TYPE
  • If the default is not set to gluster-block (or any other name that you have provided) then execute the following command. For example:
    # oc patch storageclass gluster-block -p '{"metadata": {"annotations":{"":"true"}}}'
    • Execute the following command to verify:
      oc get storageclass
      NAME                     TYPE
      gluster-block (default)