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7.2. Configuring Port Access

This section provides information about the ports that must be open for Container-Ready Storage .
Red Hat Gluster Storage Server uses the listed ports. You must ensure that the firewall settings do not prevent access to these ports.
Execute the following commands to open the required ports for both runtime and permanent configurations on all Red Hat Gluster Storage nodes:
# firewall-cmd --zone=zone_name --add-port=24010/tcp --add-port=3260/tcp --add-port=111/tcp --add-port=22/tcp --add-port=24007/tcp --add-port=24008/tcp --add-port=49152-49664/tcp
# firewall-cmd --zone=zone_name --add-port=24010/tcp --add-port=3260/tcp --add-port=111/tcp --add-port=22/tcp --add-port=24007/tcp --add-port=24008/tcp --add-port=49152-49664/tcp --permanent


  • Port 24010 and 3260 are for gluster-blockd and iSCSI targets respectively.
  • The port range starting at 49664 defines the range of ports that can be used by GlusterFS for communication to its volume bricks. In the above example the total number of bricks allowed is 512. Configure the port range based on the maximum number of bricks that could be hosted on each node.