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Appendix C. Client Configuration using Port Forwarding

If a router is not available, you may be able to set up port forwarding so that heketi-cli can communicate with the Heketi service. Execute the following commands for port forwarding:
  1. Obtain the Heketi service pod name by running the following command:
    # oc get pods
  2. To forward the port on your local system to the pod, execute the following command on another terminal of your local system:
    # oc port-forward <heketi pod name> 8080:8080
  3. On the original terminal execute the following command to test the communication with the server:
    # curl http://localhost:8080/hello
    This will forward the local port 8080 to the pod port 8080.
  4. Setup the Heketi server environment variable by running the following command:
    # export HEKETI_CLI_SERVER=http://localhost:8080
  5. Get information from Heketi by running the following command:
    # heketi-cli topology info