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Chapter 17. Enabling Encryption

Red Hat Gluster Storage supports network encryption using TLS/SSL. Red Hat Gluster Storage uses TLS/SSL for authentication and authorization, in place of the home grown authentication framework used for normal connections. Red Hat Gluster Storage supports the following encryption types:
  • I/O encryption - encryption of the I/O connections between the Red Hat Gluster Storage clients and servers.
  • Management encryption - encryption of the management (glusterd) connections within a trusted storage pool.

17.1. Prerequisites

To enable encryption it is necessary to have 3 certificates per node (glusterfs.key, gluserfs.pem and For more information about the steps to be performed as prerequisites, refer


  • Ensure to perform the steps on all the OpenShift nodes except master.
  • All the Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes are mounted on the OpenShift nodes and then bind mounted to the application pods. Hence, it is not required to perform any encryption related operations specifically on the application pods.