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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Gluster Storage

Chapter 7. Setting up Container-Ready Storage

In a Container-Ready Storage set-up a dedicated Red Hat Gluster Storage cluster is available external to the OpenShift Container Platform. The storage is provisioned from the Red Hat Gluster Storage cluster.

7.1. Installing Red Hat Gluster Storage Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Layered Install)

Layered install involves installing Red Hat Gluster Storage over Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


It is recommended to create a separate /var partition that is large enough (50GB - 100GB) for log files, geo-replication related miscellaneous files, and other files.
  1. Perform a base install of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server

    Container-Ready Storage is supported only on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  2. Register the System with Subscription Manager

    Run the following command and enter your Red Hat Network user name and password to register the system with the Red Hat Network:
    # subscription-manager register
  3. Identify Available Entitlement Pools

    Run the following commands to find entitlement pools containing the repositories required to install Red Hat Gluster Storage:
    # subscription-manager list --available
  4. Attach Entitlement Pools to the System

    Use the pool identifiers located in the previous step to attach the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and Red Hat Gluster Storage entitlements to the system. Run the following command to attach the entitlements:
    # subscription-manager attach --pool=[POOLID]
    For example:
    # subscription-manager attach --pool=8a85f9814999f69101499c05aa706e47
  5. Enable the Required Channels

    For Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.3 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x

    1. Run the following commands to enable the repositories required to install Red Hat Gluster Storage
      # subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-rpms
      # subscription-manager repos --enable=rh-gluster-3-for-rhel-7-server-rpms
  6. Verify if the Channels are Enabled

    Run the following command to verify if the channels are enabled:
    # yum repolist
  7. Update all packages

    Ensure that all packages are up to date by running the following command.
    # yum update


    If any kernel packages are updated, reboot the system with the following command.
    # shutdown -r now
  8. Kernel Version Requirement

    Container-Ready Storage requires the kernel-3.10.0-690.el7 version or higher to be used on the system. Verify the installed and running kernel versions by running the following command:
    # rpm -q kernel
    # uname -r
  9. Install Red Hat Gluster Storage

    Run the following command to install Red Hat Gluster Storage:
    # yum install redhat-storage-server
    1. To enable gluster-block execute the following command:
      # yum install gluster-block
  10. Reboot

    Reboot the system.