18.3. Object Operations

This section lists some of the object operation that can be performed:
  • Get the URL of the route which provides S3 OS
    # s3_storage_url=$(oc get routes   | grep "gluster.*s3"  | awk '{print $2}')


    Ensure to download the s3curl tool from https://aws.amazon.com/code/128. This tool will be used for verifying the object operations.
    • s3curl.pl requires Digest::HMAC_SHA1 and Digest::MD5. Install the perl-Digest-HMAC package to get this.
    • Update the s3curl.pl perl script with glusters3object url which was retreived:
      For example:
      my @endpoints = ( 'glusters3object-storage-project.cloudapps.mystorage.com');
  • To perform PUT operation of the bucket:
    s3curl.pl --debug --id "testvolume:adminuser" --key "itsmine"  --put /dev/null  -- -k -v  http://$s3_storage_url/bucket1
  • To perform PUT operation of the object inside the bucket:
    s3curl.pl --debug --id "testvolume:adminuser" --key "itsmine" --put  my_object.jpg  -- -k -v -s http://$s3_storage_url/bucket1/my_object.jpg
  • To verify listing of objects in the bucket:
    s3curl.pl --debug --id "testvolume:adminuser" --key "itsmine"  -- -k -v -s http://$s3_storage_url/bucket1/