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Appendix G. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.0-17Thu Mar 01 2018Bhavana Mohan
Publishing the guide for the CNS 3.6 Documentation Async release.
Revision 1.0-16Fri Feb 16 2018Bhavana Mohan
1495328: Fixed the comments shared by the UAT team post the CNS 3.6 release.
1512050: Fixed the comments shared by the Wolfpack team post the CNS 3.6 release.
Revision 1.0-15Wed Jan 31 2018Bhavana Mohan
Fixed documentation bugs:
1507182, 1507184, 1507186, 1507647, 1517769
Revision 1.0-14Fri Jan 05 2018Bhavana Mohan
Updated the Planning Guidelines section with detailed limit details specific to File, Block, CNS, and CRS.
Revision 1.0-13Tue Oct 10 2017Bhavana Mohan
Documented how to dynamically provision storage for block-based storage.
Documented support for brick multiplexing across distributed three-way replicated volumes.
Documented instructions regarding how to upgrade CNS.
Documented operational/troubleshooting information.
Documented support for s3 compatible object store.
Documented instructions regarding how to install CNS 3.6 on a OpenShift Container Platform 3.6.
Documented steps for CRS upgrade.
Created a workflow for different Install and Upgrade scenarios.
Revision 1.0-12Tue Oct 10 2017Bhavana Mohan
Updated the compatibility matrix for CNS, OCO, and RHGS.
Updated the steps/format for the topology file.
Additional steps are added to create custom gluster-endpoints.yaml.
YAML formatting issue is corrected throughout the doc.
Additional steps are added to provide cluster-role-binding permission that are required for gluster-block.
Detailed introduction is provided for CRS.
Revision 1.0-4Mon Apr 03 2017Bhavana Mohan
Modified the oc delete command for bug 1419812