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8.9. Deleting Snapshot

Before deleting a snapshot ensure that the following prerequisites are met:
  • Snapshot with the specified name should be present.
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage nodes should be in quorum.
  • No volume operation (e.g. add-brick, rebalance, etc) should be running on the original / parent volume of the snapshot.
To delete a snapshot run the following command:
# gluster snapshot delete <snapname>
  • snapname - The name of the snapshot to be deleted.
For Example:
# gluster snapshot delete snap2
Deleting snap will erase all the information about the snap. Do you still want to continue? (y/n) y
snapshot delete: snap2: snap removed successfully


Red Hat Gluster Storage volume cannot be deleted if any snapshot is associated with the volume. You must delete all the snapshots before issuing a volume delete.

8.9.1. Deleting Multiple Snapshots

Multiple snapshots can be deleted using either of the following two commands.
To delete all the snapshots present in a system, execute the following command:
# gluster snapshot delete all
To delete all the snapshot present in a specified volume, execute the following command:
# gluster snapshot delete volume <volname>