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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Gluster Storage

4.14. Setting Up Clients to Access Data

  • NFS and SMB clients

    The NFS and SMB protocols are available for use, but due to limitations in the network configuration these protocols cannot be made highly available with CTDB or Pacemaker as would be normally recommended.


You must ensure to register and subscribe your system before installing Native Client. Instructions for registering the system, is available, refer to the Creating Access to Volumeschapter in the Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration Guide.

4.14.1. Installing Native Client

Run the following command to install the native client:
# yum -y install glusterfs-fuse attr

4.14.2. Mounting Red Hat Gluster Storage Volumes

After installing Native Client, the Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes must be mounted to access data. Mount the myvol Gluster volume to the local directory /rhgs/client/myvol:
# mkdir -p /rhgs/client/myvol
# sh -c 'echo "rhgs-primary-n01:myvol /rhgs/client/myvol \
 glusterfs defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab'

4.14.3. Testing Mounted Volumes

Test the mounted volume by running the following command:
# mount /rhgs/client/myvol'