11.4. Assigning an Administrator or User Role to a Resource


Assign administrator or user roles to resources to allow users to access or manage that resource.

Procedure 11.1. Assigning a Role to a Resource

  1. Click Networks tab and select a network from the results list.
  2. Click Permissions sub-tab of the details pane to list the assigned users, the user's role, and the inherited permissions for the selected resource.
  3. Click Add to open the Add Permission to User window.
    Add Permission to User

    Figure 11.3. Add Permission to User

  4. Enter the name or user name of an existing user into the Search text box and click Go. Select a user from the resulting list of possible matches.
  5. Select a role from the Role to Assign: drop-down menu.
  6. Click OK to assign the role and close the window.

You have assigned a role to a user; the user now has the inherited permissions of that role enabled for that resource.